Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tired again

So we had an entertaining long weekend (yes, it's late mentioning this. I've been busy). Angie and Wendy made it safely back to Rankin with only a touch of drama. Angie had some last minute scrambling after realizing that she had left her wallet in the backseat of the car. It was truly a bit of luck that she got it back as myself and Cathy were out running errands and didn’t get their phone messages. I got back to the apartment literally minutes before she arrived in a cab looking frantically for her wallet. I think she made it back to the airport about three minutes before they started boarding.

But she got it back, so that’s good.

So what errands were myself and Cathy running? Glad you asked.

We were looking for an air compressor. Why do you need an air compressor? Why, to reinflate a flat tire.

Yeah. Again.

It was only one tire this time, the left front one. And the cap on the nozzle was missing, so we had hopes that the air was just let out. So we bought a small pump (there was an air compressor at North Mart, but no one knew how much it was. I love the north), reinflated the tire and hope for the best.

Alas, hope was dashed this morning when the tire was flat as a pancake again. That means dealing with Baffin Auto again. At this rate, I might as well start sending them my paycheck.

What’s mildly amusing about all of this is that Jennifer left a lovely little note on our car Saturday. She is coaching a soccer team for Igloolik and was in town for a tournament. Apparently they were in the neighbourhood and came and hugged our car for good luck and left us a note saying so.

She even managed to pop down to the apartment for 15 minutes on Sunday, which we both thought was awfully sweet of her. And then we lose a tire.

Now, the cynic might say “Well, apparently hugging the car didn’t do much good.” My friends, I must disagree. Because the last time we had a racket with the tires, we lost four of them. This time we’ve only lost one.

So Jennifer, feel free to come and hug out little car whenever you want. Providing I haven’t shot it and put the damn thing out of its misery.

Oh, and for those of you wondering how I can be so upbeat in the wake of the minor freak-out I had last time, I’m trying to remain upbeat. I’m likely going to sprain something, but I figure it’s worth a try. The alternative is to set up some kind of blind near the car and camp out. As soon as someone starts to mess with it I hop out and taser the bastard.

So yeah, glass half full seems to be the way to go.

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