Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

So a day after gorging themselves on turkey and football (Cathy was horrified there was football on yesterday. "Is it Sunday and I missed the weekend? Because if it is I'm going to be pretty pissed off) Americans take to the malls to gorge themselves on another feast - sales.

In recent years this has become known as "Black Friday". The day when most stores offer big sales in the U.S. and a good chunk of its citizenry go batshit insane. I'm sure there will be no shortage of video today if you look at the American news of people crashing through doors, rushing around and generally acting like lunatics.

Others choose to mark the day by celebrating "Buy Nothing Day", where they encourage people to boycott crass commercialism and stay home. Basically, this is the day where most of America loses its mind, I should think.

It's also the official start to the Christmas season, although I suspect most of us have figured that out if you've gone into a store whatsoever.

It's also a month until Christmas, which means if the stereotype holds to form, many women are starting to seriously freak out that they don't have their shopping done. Meanwhile, most men are glancing at the calendar and figuring they have another good three weeks before they have to start worrying about it.

There's not too much worrying on the home front here. I've got something for mom, although no idea what to get dad. Myself and Cathy are going to exchange a stocking, but no real gifts, figuring that the roughly $6,000 were going to spend getting home, moving ourselves around once we get there, eating at lots of restaurants and other things, constitutes a pretty good Christmas gift.

I still have to get her a birthday gift, though. Her birthday is Christmas Eve. And I have no ideas. This ought to be fun.

So yeah, the next month ought to be fun. Ah well, at least I'll be home soon enough. Cathy is wired for it and can't wait. I'm still a little more reserved, but I can definitely feel some anticipation. It should be interesting to be back in Newfoundland after 16 months.

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c'est moi said...

I don't know Cathy but one can never go wrong with jewelry. You should check out DJ Sensations. I've enever been there but people here have spoken highly of it.