Saturday, November 04, 2006

Slow start

I'm having a pretty decent day, but one where my brain clearly wasn't expecting to be up early and is thus is paying me back by not thinking straight so far.

I'm in a curling bonspiel this weekend. I didn't have a team so just signed up as an extra. And I landed on not a bad team. We lost last night, but against one of the better teams in the tournament. That dropped us to B pool, which meant we had to play at 9 a.m. this morning. I don't like being up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday to get ready to play a game. Still, I managed, didn't suck too bad in my shot making despite the ungodly hour. And we won. If we win again at 3 p.m. (which means I have to go shortly), then we're in the B final this evening.

The tournaments are a bit of fun and there are normally some half decent prizes. There are a pair of tickets to Ottawa from First Air up for grabs this evening, so that makes it a worthwhile day and a half of playing for me.

Anyway, after the game this morning, I ran up to the high school where the annual Christmas craft show was happening. Myself and Cathy weren't that impressed last year, disappointed that it was more garage sale/flea market than real crafts. Well, this year we either had our expectations lowered or it was just better. There was some nice stuff there and we picked up a couple of things.

However, I was later getting there which meant I had to line up. And this is where the not bright part of the day comes in. It's been a pretty mild fall so far in Iqaluit, but with windchill today it's about -20. So after the game, still sweating, I walked to the school without gloves or a hat. And then had to line-up for 15 minutes in the cold.

So yeah, I suspect I'll have the pneumonia by Monday morning. As I said, not bright.

But we did buy this, which I'm rather fond of...

So not a bad day so far. Now we just have to go and win two more games...


Mireille Sampson said...

You're going to have yourselves quite the collection before long. Nice piece.

towniebastard said...

Our collection is actually quite small - four pieces. The whale, twin polar bears and a hunter in a kayak. We've bought more than that, but tend to give them as gifts. My dad and Cathy's parents have gotten carvings. Jaap and Charlotte got a bear for letting us stay with them.

We'll be buying more while we're here, I'm sure. It's just that we're trying to be a little more...discriminating. I think we're getting a little better and noticing the quality of the work.

I think we're going to save up and buy a nice, large sculpture. Some of the ones over $500, you can really tell the difference in craftsmanship.