Friday, December 01, 2006


So I went over the top last night. In a fashion that will surprise no one who has ever been my editor, I was well ahead on the project (at one point I was more than two days ahead of where I needed to be), but ended up getting the final section I needed to crack 50,000 finished and posted at 10:30 last night, a mere 90 minutes before deadline.

As I said, that's not the end of the story. There's still more to come, including that ending I don't really have worked out yet. But a surprising amount of the story came to me while I was sitting in front of the computer. So who knows, maybe the ending will come to me in a similar fashion. And yeah, I'll probably keep posting sections up on the blog for the three of you actually reading it. Just don't expect it every day. I have an assignment due in a week in my online course.

By the way, thanks to everyone who participated, specifically Dups and OM. I know how hectic their lives are so the fact they even attempted this was brave on their parts. They hey didn't hit 50,000, but they got started. Next year, who knows. And regardless, they always kept me motivated, just on the off-chance one of them would show up and plunk down 20,000 words in one shot. So thanks for the motivation guys.

And for those who expressed interest, but didn't get anywhere, well, I'll try and be better organized next year. And don't worry, this was at least my fourth try and the first time I got more than 3,000 words written.

Oh yeah, next time. I think I might have another go at this next year (that sound is Cathy banging her head off a wall). It


Mireille Sampson said...

Congrats! Regarding your dating life about 10 years ago, it's not so much that you suck at dating, but that you think being single just plain sucks. You like being in a relationship and are really rather good at it - hell, you bought dozens of roses for friends just because you weren't dating one particular valentines day.

That doesn't mean I want to see any of your homemade porn.

Ed, best sex scenes from a movie:

When Night Is Falling, Canadian flick, lesbian scene (for all those guys with that weird fascination)

Satin Rouge, Tunisian bellydancing movie...when the mother finally gets laid after being widowed for two years she lets it all out.

Stealing Beauty, when Liv Tyler loses her virginity. I'm sure that one made up a lot of 20yr old male fantasies as well.

That's it. And I watch a lot of movies. Don't even like most of the kissing reaction is about the same as the little boy from Princess Bride.

Owen's Mom said...

Mirelle has it in a nutshell - you were *never* capable of just dating, you were all about the monogamy. You would meet someone, take them out for coffee (if you even got that far before the next step started) and started planning the wedding. And when a relationship went south, you were a miserable son of a bitch to be around. For *months*. Years even.

You wanted to be in a realtionship so much that you didn't really take the time to figure out if it was a good idea or not. It wasn't until Cathy that you finally started to think these things through (and I will note that Suzy and I agreed not to let you meet any worthwhile women until you got yourself to that point. Over Coffee at HavaJava, with you sitting between us, trying to keep your head from exploding from the thought that Suzy was pretty sure she had found your wife, but we agreed you weren't ready to meet her yet. Or her you.)

And it all lead to Cathy anyway, so quit your bithin'.

The other thing that you seem to have failed to appreciate is the value of good friends of the opposite sex. There are so many people who don't have even one really good friend like that, so consider yourself lucky. You;ve got a coven.

As for sex scenes, written or in movies, I think it can be done, but it's rare, its often horrible and/or uncomfortable and it's almost impossible to please both genders, because they often want different things. Just do me a favour, let Cathy read through your first attempts at writing sex scenes and give construcive criticism from a female perspective. She'll be honest.

And hopefully she doesn't get heebiejeebies!