Friday, December 15, 2006

Apparently, I am unhip

I like to think I’m relatively up-to-date on pop culture and music related things. After all, I did write a pop culture column with The Express. And lord knows I’ve talked enough about music on this blog. But I heard that Rolling Stone had released their 100 best songs of 2006 so I swung over to see what the list looked like, figuring I would nod in agreement with some disagree with others and there would be a few I simply wouldn’t recognize.

Of the Top 10, there are three songs I’ve heard. Three! I’ve heard “Steady as she goes” by The Reconteurs, “Thunder on the Mountain” by Bob Dylan and “Oh la la” by Goldfrapp. I can’t really count “Ridin” by Chamillionaire because I haven’t heard it, only the spoof “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al.

This is what happens when I stop listening to radio. I’m trying to console myself that this is Rolling Stone and of course they’re going to pick some weird and obscure indy stuff to show how cool and hip they are. But man, I would have thought I’d at least heard the #1 song. Or heard of some of the rest of the Top 10. And it only gets more depressing the further you go down the rest of the Top 100. All told there are 22 songs on that list I’ve heard this year. And some of them only in passing. I only know a handful pretty well.

Their top 50 albums is a little better. Of those I own, or have owned, 13 of them. So that’s 26 per cent instead of the 22 per cent for songs. Although two of those records – The Dixie Chick and Cat Power – have since been purged as I didn’t care for them.

I fear I am no longer hip and aware of what the kids are listening to these days. Perhaps on the advent of my 37th birthday, this is not a shock. But still, it’s a touch depressing.

Then again, I’ll need something to do this weekend once Cathy heads home. I suspect I’m going to go on a little downloading spree to see what some of these songs sound like. That way I can see if I’m just missing out or if Rolling Stone is on drugs. Probably a little of both, I suspect.


Anonymous said...

Argh! I can't believe you're measuring your taste against Rolling Stone! You're supposed to be too ecclectic for that.

If it makes you feel any better I'd fare much worse if I read through that list. I only recognised the Dixie Chicks and Bob Dyland out of what you posted and I don't like either of them.

When everyone was doing the "top 100 songs the year you graduated" thing it was bizarre. So much bad music. One of the telling things was that I recognised a fair number of names on your list, but almost nothing on Cathy's. You graduated before me, Cathy two years later. Being in high school I heard much of your year's list regardless of wanting to, teenage years are like that, but once living in SJ and hanging out with you I didn't notice pop music.

I shall paraphrase Ani Difranco here: you're just too happy to be cool. "Cool" RS-type music is often angry and your bitter years are over. Hello Cathy!

Mireille, who blogger (or perhaps just blogger beta) wants to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I thought that I was up on the newer music but according to that list, I definitely am not. Although I did know the #1. I downloaded a couple of the top 10 and Ooh La La is now the song I'm playing over and over( so guess I should thank you).

I have to say with the "top 100 songs the year you graduated", I knew more songs on yours and Cathy's list than I did on my own.( 1991 was my year).Guess it wasn't that great of a year music wise.