Sunday, December 10, 2006

Avert your eyes

This post continues pictures of Boo. I recently grumbled about being subjected to pictures of new parents kids and people called me in on it, so this is your heads up that there will be pictures of the dog coming up as you scroll down the page. Feel free to flee this blog now.

Seriously, pictures are forthcoming. If you keep going down, you can't blame me for subjecting you to pictures of the dog.

Last warning...


Boo checking out the sunset. Just for the record, this was taken around 1 p.m.

Boo and his red coat. This helps to keep him warm. The temperature when the photo was taken was around -20, but with no wind. We're thinking about getting him a warmer coat when we're home. We also have to get him some boots as the ones we have are too slippery.

Cathy walking Boo. This is on the Road to Nowhere, which goes out from Iqaluit to, well, guess where...

It's funny as I type this we're watching the highlights of the St. John's Santa Claus parade on NTV. Why? Because Cathy loves the parade. Every year she's in town she's in attendance. Anyway, Saturday was the Iqaluit Santa Claus parade and we got home from walking the dog just ahead of it. I don't have any pictures because it zipped by that fast (that and the camera was steamed up after taking photos outside). It went by our apartment in less than five minutes and had maybe two floats, several cars, lots of RCMP and fire trucks, Polar Man (more on him another time) and Santa Claus.

Then again, when it's -20 you don't exactly take you time walking in the Santa Claus parade.

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Jennifer said...

He is SO cute in his little red coat. All I can say is "Awwwwww".