Sunday, December 17, 2006

The weekend that was

So today was clearly a Day of Sloth for me. Basically watched football and played Civilizations. Terribly unproductive and lazy. Then again, I was a bit busy the last few days. I had the staff Christmas party Friday night and a curling bonspiel Friday night and Saturday.

The curling went pretty well, actually. I know some of you could care less, but hey, the team I skipped won something. Which is a bit impressive seeing as how there were only three of us and I had to scrounge to pick up a fourth player for some of the games. And the other two player had limited experience. We won Friday night's game against a very good team, got blown out in the second game, but through some luck of the draw still managed to make it to the 'D' final. After being down 4-1 after two ends, we bounced back and won 7-5.

What was the prize? A $15 gift certificate. Which after spending $30 on entering the bonspiel, then buying a few beers for the team we beat in the final, well, let's just say I didn't make money off the win. But it was a pretty nice feeling.

Oh, Cathy and Boo have also made it home safely, but with a bit of drama. The flight was a bit late leaving Iqaluit, which meant she spent the rest of the day rushing to catch flights. She managed to make them, but the downside was that she wasn't able to get Boo out of his carry case for a bathroom break. That meant the dog displayed his displeasure by shredding the cage on the Toronto to St. John's part of the trip. That meant he had to sit on Cathy's lap for an hour or two.

By all accounts he was fine when he was sitting on her lap. And the flight crew was tremendously understanding. Still, a bit stressful.

Oh, and of course the luggage was lost. As of this typing, she still doesn't have it. On the upside, since the ticket was booked using Visa, she got $500 to cover buying anything she needed not in her luggage. Which was nice and all, but she would like to have her bags back now.

Anyway, that's where things stand now. Wife and dog safe and sound. Successful weekend of curling victory followed by sloth. All is right in the world.

Of course, tomorrow I have to start getting read to fly home on Wednesday.

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colette said...

How on earth did Boo shred a plastic carrier?