Friday, July 14, 2006

Out of season my ass...

So this report was making the rounds at work today with much amusement. Apparently mosquitoes are "Out of Season."

My friends, allow me to give you a situation report on the mosquito situation in Iqaluit. They are far from being "Out of Season." In fact, they've taken to banding together, have put on leather jackets with phrases such as "Crips" and "Bloods" on the back and are roving the city at will. I saw someone walk out of from a government office without bug spray and they sucked the poor bastard dry in less than two minutes.

I imagine they will be gone soon enough and then the black flies or something else will come in. It's one of the joys of norhtern living. Just when it gets warm enough to go outside without five layers of clothing, the bugs make sure you have to leave them on least they skeltonize you.

Today was actually one of those rare days when it was warmer here than it was back in St. John's. It's my understanding that it was about 12 degrees with RDF. It got near 20 here today with little wind (hence, the bugs out in force).

Tomorrow is Parks Day. Perhaps if the bugs call a truce I might head out for some of the activities.


Anonymous said...

bugs are not that bad here, there are no black flies, here, more in the Kivalliq! by the way do you have any Inuk friends? If your not happy here, either make some Inuit friends, learn to hunt and fish, and maybe you will like it here, and learns lots, if not then leave, and be happy some were else. other then that hope you will learn to enjoy living here

towniebastard said...

I don't think we're unhappy here. We're perfectly content. You'll find most Newfoundlanders are, at best, content at where they live when it's not in Newfoundland.

But you are right in that we need to get out and socialize more. Part of it is the first year of being married and just wanting to spend time with each other rather than being out with others. But we both know we have to be more social in the coming year.

But I think we might take a pass on the hunting and fishing. My wife is allergic to fish and a man, who ran a gun club, once wisely suggested I should never be allowed to handle a firearm. I tend to agree with him....