Saturday, July 15, 2006

Change in style

So, taking a lead from OM's desire for a new hair do, I've been debating if I need something similar.

Yes, that sound you hear is my friends hysterically laughing. As they will quickly point out, I'm rapidly losing any hair to play with. I kind of regret not doing weird things with my hair when I was a teenager or at MUN. I mean Mireille did weird things to her hair every other week when we were in university. I must get a scanner and put some of those pics up one of these days. She had some great, weird hairstyles back in the day.

Anyway, aside from seeing OM's fabulous new do, there's also a couple of other reasons for thinking of a change. I got a photo ID taken last week, and it was quite possible one of the worst ones I've ever had taken. It kind of emphasized the fact that my hair is a vanishing commodity.

Plus, it's been about a month since my last hair cut. Which means my hair is entering that lovely stage of where it's thin on top, but puffy on the back and side. Cathy calls it my "Bozo the Clown" phase.

I'm thinking about just going "ahhh, to hell with it" and just shave my head. I've been debating it for ages. I didn't do it with The Express because my boss already shaved his head. And there was just something about have the editor and assistant editor having shaved heads that struck me as being

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

As an aside, it's remarkable that most of the men who worked at The Express started going bald. I'm a bit worried about Kelly, actually. It hasn't happened to the women yet, but you never know.

Anyway, the point is, I've been trimming my hair shorter and shorter over the years. I'm wondering if it's time to bite the bullet and just shave it. Cathy has given me the "Well, if that's what you want to do" line. Depending on the tone of voice you can read it as "You can do that, but you're an idiot" or "What took you so long to come up with what is patently obvious?" In this case, the tone of voice appears to be the former.

Anyway, I throw this open to opinions. Any thoughts on whether I should just keep it trimmed short or just shave the damn hair all off and be done with it?


Melissa said...

hi TB,

sheesh!! t.h.j.g.k.w.o.j...

no, that's not secret code for anything but it IS the incredibly loooong word verification that i had to enter just to tell you this:

i think you should shave all your hair!! very snazy.

Mireille Sampson said...

I'm afraid I have to disagree with Melissa here, not a big fan of the total shaving thing, but I do agree with Cathy wanting you to get rid of the Bozo the Clown thing.

Who's the sexiest bald guy ever? We're all trek fans, so it's Jean Luc Picard of course. He kept it very short, but didn't get rid of it completely. Good idea.

BTW, I have no photos of those 'dos, lost my photoalbum somewhere in all the moving and travelling. hmmm...could be inviting something I'll later regret;)

colette said...

Shaving it all off could take weeks though Craig, couldn't it? Unless you went the "40-year-old Virgin" route and waxed.

You did say shaving it ALL off, didn't you? :^)

(What was that about scaring small children in Korea?)

His Nibs said...

Funny that you would go north and lose the hair. Won't you need it in a couple of months?

I suppose you could Sisko and grow a beard to keep things warm.

regards, cat` (proud to have introduced 'picarding' to the lexicon)