Saturday, July 01, 2006


By my estimate sometime about five minutes after nearly all businesses in iqaluit closed for the long holiday weekend our phone up and died. So I have no telephone and no internet at the apartment right now. Calls to NorthWestTel were...less than useless. We've been told that the earliest phone service can be restored to us is Tuesday.

I'm fairly certain the company has a legal obligation to make sure we're not without phone service for more than 24 hours, but good luck explaining that to their help line person, who may have very well been working in India.

So yeah, I'm posting this quickly from another location, but don't expect blog updates until Tuesday, barring a miracle. Probably just as well, what with this being a long holiday weekend. I figure most people have better things to do that read blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Well , I hope you have better luck at getting things fixed than I did. My internet service was acting up for almost a month before they finally got the damn stuff fixed. Guess they couldn't put up with my phone calls any