Monday, July 10, 2006

Flickr update

I finally bit the bullet and got a pro Flickr account so I've been throwing up a ton of photos and getting them more organized. Feel free to take a poke around. There are some more pictures of Iqaluit, of musicians, friends, St. John's scenery and more.

I'll likely throw up some more wedding photos because really, I feel the need to subject the world to the 10,000 wedding photos I have on my computer.

And I imagine there will be more photos after the trip to San Francisco. And god help me if I ever get access to a scanner and start going through photo albums. It could get messy...

1 comment:

Heather Patey said...

A couple hints:

Make sure the EXIF datestamps (or, lacking that, file datestamps) are correct, or nearly, before uploading. It's much harder to fix afterwards. You can mark things "sometime in..." month/year though.

Private and friends/family-only permissions are ideal for "does the world need to see this?" dilemnas.

Have fun!