Monday, July 24, 2006

And then there were two

Apparently one of the puppies has scampered off to her new home, leaving only these two - one male and one female.

We still don't know which one we're getting right now. The breeder would like to keep the male, but apparently her family has fallen in love with the female. So we likely won't know which puppy we're getting until Cathy goes there to pick him/her up on August 17.

Two other things. The puppies are now about eight to nine weeks old. And we've decided on a name - Mackenzie. Which works for either a male or female. The fact that it can be shortened to Mac and that I'm a Mac computers geek is pure coincidence...

Once again the usual caveats apply: We are not responsible for any hearing damage caused by squealing when people see pictures of the puppies. Nor are we responsible if you are bugged into submission by small children who want one.


Anonymous said...

OMG,,they are so cute! I'm not a real big dog lover ( ok,,,,I'm a cat lover) but even I wouldn't mind having one of those little guys snuggling up to me.

His Nibs said...

Nice name. I've thought it would make a great name for a child, but I suppose I can't use it now.

So, who is the namesake? Sir Alexander Mackenzie, he of the Northwest Passage?

regards, cat` (an Alexander himself, and discovering that he can get along with his sister's dog)

colette said...

Too much fluffy cuteness. Little round puppy bellies. Floppy puppy ears. Little puppy noses and button eyes. Galumphing puppy feets! Ack!
You will be setting up the webcam on August 18th, won't you?
BTW, the ladies in my new office love the puppies.

Anonymous said...

Mother of God, they are cute.