Saturday, July 22, 2006

On the move

So yeah, the last couple of days have been interesting....We've decided to take the new apartment, even thought it's smaller. We need a place that allows dogs and this has been what's offered. If we say no, it could be months before we're offered another apartment. So we go and while it will be a big snug, I suspect we'll manage fine. Plus I figure between the decreased rent, utilities, fees (we don''t have to pay for the washer and dry, nor the hook-up for the car) we'll save at least $3,000 a year.

It's meant the usual fussing around...getting power transferred (no fee), cable switched (fee, which is annoying considering how bad my reception has been the last week) and phone/internet (big whopping fee). Oh, and just to add to things that while I'm moving it's going to take an extra couple of days to flip the switch and transfer the Internet. So I might be off-line from Monday to Wednesday.

Then again, I'm gone as of Friday evening for two weeks, so I might as well get use to not having my usual level of Internet access anyway.

And, oh yes, the moving company. Given their hourly rate and estimates, they've given me a price that's currently inspiring me to pack and move as much as I can. So there's my weekend. Weekend of Sloth III has been cancelled. And, karmically-speaking, I'm making up for the previous two weekends big time.

Ah well.

So I might not be around much the next couple of days. But as a parting gift, I leave you the link below. There's no nudity, but it does feature scantily clad women. Why do I include it? Because I found it on another site and they called it one of the most disturbing things they had seen in the past month and I tend to agree. Don't worry, it's not gross or really offensive. Just....mentally odd.

I'm not sure what's worse...that the women came up with the idea themselves or that they did it because their gamer boyfriends asked them to. Or to get them to finally pay attention to them in the only way they had left.

Anyway, here it is.

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