Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oh this should be interesting...

Three of my co-workers have come down with the stomach flu in the past week and they're all in offices right next to mine. So either I'm coming down with something right now or it's psychosomatic. I'm really hope for the later. Every time I get the stomach flu I lose a food I like to eat. I start to think about it when I'm sick, which then makes things worse. So anytime I think about that food from then on I relate it to being violently ill.

Previous losses include Kraft macaroni and cheese along with cheddar and herb bagels. Although if I could lose hamburgers, it would probably make dropping the 40 odd pounds that I ought to lose considerably easier.

On top of that, I got the call we've been waiting months for today - we have an offer of a new apartment. However, since this is the North it can't be anything straight forward like the apartment is a dive in a crappy neighbourhoood so obviously we have to say no. Or that it's spectacular and we of course want it.

No, no...it has to be perfectly nice with just one or two glaring, and potentially deal breaking, problems. It's nice, clean, allows dogs, is about a three minute walk to work for Cathy, has free usage of the washer and dryer, in a secure building, next door to one of the major stores in town and the rent is cheaper than what we pay now.

The downsides? Well, I'm not sure if there is a plug-in for the car during the winter. I have to check on that in the morning (assuming I'm not puking my guts up). If there isn't, then forget it. There's no way the car can survive the winter without being plugged-in.

But the really annoying thing is that it is actually smaller than where we live now. How much smaller? Well, the rent is about 20 per cent cheaper, so I would say about 20 per cent smaller. We can barely fit everything in this small apartment, so it's going to be an interesting bit of logistics if we say yes. The bedroom is about the same, but the living room and kitchen are clearly smaller.

Oh, one more thing. I have seven days to move into the new place if we say yes. Starting this morning.

Yeah, so that whole Weekend of Sloth III might not be happening now....


Ed Hollett said...

Stomach flu is often food poisoning that people misdiagnose.

Check to see if your co-owrkers ate the same food or had something else in common like that.

Sometime after you've been ill I'll tell you the story of the Great Nacho Attack. Thought I would die or at least turn myself inside out and haven't been able to touch one since.

Simon said...

What a drag. . . what 20% are you losing (I saw your current place - 20% is a significant loss)

Owen's Mom said...

You know, I think that the new apartment is probably a good thing - the pro dogs thing is probably the best part.

As for losing 20%, I'd wonder if is't a deal breaker - are you losing 20% of living space or storage? If it's storage, I'd say you should turn it down - after all, from what I've seen here and on other blogs from the north, you guys tend to pack away quite a bit of food for storage during the winter, so the lack of a decent sized pantry will turn into storing dry food in your bedroom closet.

If it's a 20% smaller living room, how big do you guys really need? It's just thge two of you ( plus a wee dog to-be-named-at-a-later-date - keen kinda like the hockey draft!) And, from memory, you two are annoyingly cuddly when you are together. How much space can that take up?

Yeah, I know moving is a pain inthe ass, but I'd say go for it.

Of course the plug in for the car is a deal breaker - my car wouldn't survive a winter in Alberta, let alone Nunavut, with out the handy dandy plug in. And I've only started to drive away with it pluged in once since I moved here ... You learn that lesson quick...

towniebastard said...

It didn't go full blown if it was the stomach flu, so I might have dodged one. But it was the flu. The other three got sick one after the other, separated by a few days. And we didn't eat anything together.

The 20% gone would be living space. The living room and kitchen are smaller. It's hard to get a read on the storage room. It's not as tall as the one we have now (about a 12ft ceiling), or as deep. But it is longer. Hopefully it balances out.

As for the parking, we would have access to a spot to plug in the car. Apparently no one in the building's 8 apartments has a car. And as an added bonus, we wouldn't have to pay for the plug-in. We had to pay $400 for it last winter.

So smaller, yes. But I figure so far it's about $2600 a year cheaper.

I guess we'll just think of it as cozy and intimate...