Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We haven't worn them out yet

So we've had our dose of excitement here at the mansion this evening with the RCMP's K-9 unit sniffing around our house (good thing I've already harvested this year's crop - I kid, I kid) and a bunch of other places on the street. They also brought along about a half dozen other officers. No idea what happened, but let's just say if you're a woman in Iqaluit this evening and you're wearing beige pants, you might want to reconsider your fashion choice. If not, well, you might have a very long evening ahead of you if one of the RCMP officers happens to run into you.

Not much else to report really, which is one of the reasons why the blog has been a bit quiet the last few days. I think we're finally wearing down the house elves. Then again, considering since they've been here our porch, hallway, living room, one bedroom and part of the kitchen has been painted, new drapes were put up, grouting was done in the bathroom, and enough food has been cooked to feed an army for the rest of the summer, I suspect they're allowed to start taking it easy. We've literally run out of things on our to do list for them. So I'm guessing they're allowed to start relaxing a bit now.

Plus, the weather is nice enough and the ice on the Sylvia Grennell is starting to break up enough that people are out there fishing. I suspect that's the game plan for tomorrow.

By the way, least people think we're working them to death or something, they keep looking for more thinks to do. Honest.

Other than that we're getting into prep mode for the sea lift. It's nice to chat with a few people to find out how they do it and plans of attack. We haven't really done our own sea lift since we first moved up here, so we're a touch rusty. But it's nice to know little tricks like just going into Costco and Loblaws and telling them we're doing our sea lift and they'll help us, with everything to giving us our own cashier, with packaging and holding stuff if we need a pick-up.

I've been up here five years, but I don't pretend to know all the tricks yet.

Although I am noticing I'm getting more questions from people thinking about moving up here. If you haven't noticed it there's a link on the sidebar called "Moving to Iqaluit FAQ". I'll probably be updating it at some point in July with a bit more information. It's still by far the highest traffic part of my blog.

And that's it for this evening. I thought about doing something on the Fox News Canada channel, or whatever it's called, but I honestly haven't given it enough thought yet to form an opinion. Perhaps tomorrow.

But right now, I have to go. Cathy wants help hiding her beige pants for some reason...

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Megan said...

I am trying to come up with a Fox North blog post: a ridiculous over-the-top opinion piece about something stupid in the news. I am just not sure how it would be different than the posts making fun of News/North's editorials:

The Issue: Headlights. We Say: Drivers should use them at night.

It’s not a stretch to say that it gets dark around 4pm, turning our streets into death traps. Vehicles zoom around with no concern for the safety of our children. We wonder how some of these drivers can see the street, considering a local parent’s story about the rampant misuse of headlights. The only surprise is that nobody has been killed yet.

“This is unconstitutional!” Mary Smith told us in an interview.

We agree.

Bylaw officers say they can’t possibly stop all drivers and check to make sure they are using headlights. Rubbish, we say. It’s easy to see if a vehicle has its headlights on. We wonder what City Hall is hiding. Some residents are asking if the mayor uses his headlights all the time. A reasonable question, considering City Hall’s reluctance to deal with this pressing issue.

Bylaw officers must track down these notorious scofflaws and fine them. If City Hall doesn’t have enough bylaw officers to do the job, more must be hired. Take some money from the library fund, if necessary.

Or we could just wait for the bodies to start piling up.

Yeah, I need to figure out how this will be different.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Har! Nice crack about 'harvesting this year's crop'. You gotta know some big-ass computer at CSIS has already read that and the feds will be watching your place from a safe distance with a scope for a while...

Karin said...

Honey, beige pants ARE a crime! ;)

KOTN said...

They are hiring some damn good reporters...