Sunday, June 13, 2010

House elves

I've never had house elves before. I must say, they're quite handy to have around. I would have thought I'd be uncomfortable with the concept...critters running around the house doing all the cooking, a spot of painting, fixing up broken things and whatnot. After all, I'm as susceptible to guilt as the next person. If other people are doing things I think I should be doing, well, yeah, there's some guilt.

But I'm managing to get over it pretty quick, I must say. I could get used to this sort of thing.

The house elves are, of course, Cathy's parents. They arrived here on Thursday and hit the ground running, what with her father putting up the new drapes he brought up with him (we did pay for them) and her mother promptly baking enough to feed a flock of people. Since then there has been more cooking, our porch, hallway and living room have been painted and there's been a host of other little repairs done around the house.

I've asked what I should be doing to help, and tend to get shooed away. This is just their thing...they're both so happy to be up here, love the house and love the community. Between the two of them they made several artists happy at the Frob last night, what with three carvings and a couple of wall hangings.

They're on their own tomorrow, though. Cathy and I are both going to be at work, which means they'll be home alone. I'm honestly a little concerned what the house is going to look like when we come back at the end of the day. They're already done a lot more painting than we've anticipated, so I can imagine coming home and finding they've done the other three bedrooms. Along with the balcony. And possibly paved the driveway. Along with finding enough food stuffed into our deep freeze to last us until next year.

Some guys might dread their in-laws coming to stay for 10 days. They're welcome to come back any time they want. They've been a blast to have around. And not just because they're fixing the house and cooking. Well, all right, that helps, but it's been nice to have the company around too...

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Please send the elves this way when you are finished working them!!

KarinS said...

Hey I know this house in STJ's that could use a few coats of paint. Send 'em our way! :)