Thursday, June 24, 2010


You know, it's not that I find these videos funny that disturbs me, it's that somewhere out there in the whole wide world there is a person with enough time, and knowledge of Star Trek (including the homoerotic Spock/Kirk interplay), to perfectly edit this thing together to this particular song. I mean, that's a particularly scary bit of skill and knowledge set lurking in one person. Rabid Star Trek fan and someone who likes Ke$ha...what's the odds of finding that mix in one person?

Still, this is pretty clever, I must say. Thank you, Gods of the Internet, for providing such amusing trash for me this evening.

Last Five
1. Drop dead gorgeous - Garbage
2. Come as you are - Nirvana*
3. Same - Snow Patrol
4. Summersong - The Decemberists
5. What do I have to do? - The Donnas

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Love it.

A bit sad that I recognized several of the sceans.