Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Sunday night assortment

So, a brief assortment for you this evening, as I spend the evening trying to figure out which LED TV set will be best for me, at a reasonable cost, and that I can get up here without destroying it or bankrupting myself. Which, as perhaps you can imagine, is proving to be a challenge. I'm not even getting into audio systems this evening. That will surely short circuit my brain.

1. I'll give the US Post Office credit, they do manage to put together interesting stamps. I'm not sure I need the complete collection of Sunday Funnies stamps, but really, who doesn't want a Calvin & Hobbes stamp? I'm tempted to give my friend down San Francisco way a shout and see if he can pick some of these up for me.

2. Mr. T has no time for your violent, death-filled, sexy A-Team movie, fool! I really do kind of expect this movie to suck. The trailers have been decidedly meh. Besides, I saw a perfectly good A-Team-style movie a few weeks ago with The Losers, which was a hell of a lot of fun.

3. Cathy mocked me for not being a good provider as I did not manage to win the $50 million Lotto Max draw Friday night. On the upside, I didn't cancel any winning tickets, like some poor bastard in the Goulds, in Newfoundland. However, I do have a problem with that information coming out. Yeah, it sucks for the poor bastard who had the tickets and cancelled, but I don't know that Atlantic Lottery should be releasing that information. Let's face it, they didn't release it because it was a cool story, they released it to A. Mock the poor bastard and B. To serve as a lesson to others that you should always keep your tickets, no matter what.

Which makes me a bit squeamish. I buy tickets infrequently, normally only when there's a big jackpot. What the hell, I probably only drop $100 a year on lottery tickets. Which is still a stupid amount of money, but I think you have to budget in so much money each year for stupid expenditures. We can't be smart with our money all the time. Still, I think that was an especially prickish movie on the Lottery corp.

However, I will throw out this little quiz for those of you interested in winning millions. Here are the 12 final questions from "Who wants to be a millionaire?" How many of them did you get right? I scored 7 out of 12.

Last Five
1. Purple toupee - They Might Be Giants
2. Listen like thieves - INXS
3. Trap doors - Broken Bells
4. Art house director - Broke Social Scene
5. The night inside me - Jackson Browne


Anonymous said...

a) It's June 7, Update the banner.

b) You did not include the link to the WWTBAM quiz.

Clearly, there must be lead based paint somewhere in that new house of yours!!


towniebastard said...

I'll update the banner tomorrow if I have time. Trying to think of a new theme.

I put in the link now.

Any other demands, oh bossy one? ;)