Saturday, June 05, 2010

Packaging help

After some hemming and hawing, we've decided we're going to try and get our Dorset print that currently resides in St. John's back up here. We sent "Owls in Midnight" down nearly two years ago to get framed. For those of you who may have forgotten, this is what it looks like in its frame.

We fell deeply in love with the print, but it was clearly a case of heart overriding the higher brain functions. It's a bloody huge print. So large that no one in town could frame it. So we ended up mailing it to St. John's to get it framed. Then, once we got it there, we were faced with additional problems. It was so large we literally had no place to hang it in the small apartments we used to live in. Plus, how were we going to get it back up here?

Well, we own a house now, so we do have the wall space for it. The next issue was trying to get it sent up here. And really, there's just no way to get around it, we're going to have to spend some money getting it done. The plan right now is for Cathy's parents, who have been keeping the print for us, to put it on Air Canada Cargo and send it to Ottawa. We'll pick it up while we're there doing our sea lift and then transfer it over to First Air Cargo and fly it up from there.

I thought briefly about picking it up in Ottawa and then putting it on the sea lift, but every single person I've mention that to has reacted with pure horror. So no, that idea is dead.

However, what I am looking for right now is some help. I need someone to professionally box up the print and frame for travel. Cathy's parents, understandably, do not feel very comfortable doing that. It doesn't need to be a wooden crate. When we picked up a framed print in Ottawa, they used sturdy cardboard and lots of bubble wrap. The framed made it up here just fine. So that's what I'm looking to do. Plus, we're going to insure the picture and put "Fragile: Glass" on every visible inch we can manage.

So if anyone reading this has any suggestion, I would love to hear them. I already have one (thanks Megan), but I just want to get a few options before committing. Drop me a line if you know of anyone in St. John's or Mount Pearl who could professional package up the frame for transport. I'd appreciate it.

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Morena said...

As far as I know Mailboxes ETC and the UPS Store both do professional packing. I'm thinking they might insure their packing too but I'm not sure. St. John's seems to have both stores.

Good luck, it's a gorgeous print.

Geoff Meeker said...

Go easy on the 'Fragile' stickers. I used to work at the post office in Toronto, and any such warning was seen as an invitation to throw, drop or otherwise pummel the package. I'm not sure why. But it's better to not attract attention...

Anonymous said...

Try Spurrells on Long's Hill. They will professional pkg for you

Bruce said...

Spurrell's is the right call, they have done this for me a few times.

Anonymous said...

Butler's Framing in Mt. Pearl packaged a print for me to take on an Air Canada flight once, and did a fantastic job. Got there in one piece.