Monday, June 28, 2010

First boat

When I'm not getting searches for "sexy eskimos" (Still. Really) I'm getting an awful lot of search engine requests for moving to Iqaluit. The last time I updated the FAQ (it's on the sidebar) was about a year ago. Most of the information is still valid, but could use some freshening up. I'll take care of after Nunavut Day. Between the sealift and work, the next 1o days of my life and promising to be quite frantic.

And really, sealift is on everyone's mind these days. We had one of our first signs of summer arrive this weekend - the first boat of the year. And, as always, she's the fuel boat.

Even I'm kind of astonished as to how quickly the ice gave up the ghost this year. As recently as two weeks ago Cathy's dad was marvelling that there were still ski-doos zipping around on the sea ice. And now it's just gone. I mean, yes, there's still some bits and pieces kicking around. I also suspect if the wind shifted we might see some ice pans floating back to this part of the bay. But for all intents and purposes, we're done with the ice for the year. Now it is time for boats.

Oh, and because this is sealift related and it just popped up on my Twitter feed. Thanks Jim for pointing this out. I realize I shouldn't mock any organization that is trying to bring in healthy food for people via sealift. I should be saying "good for you", but really, when you have categories such as "essential oils and hippy magic" and "hippy drinks" you're making the mocking hard to resist. Somewhere a certain reporter I know in town is either laughing his ass off or looking for a baseball bat.

Oh, and when I die and go to hell, I'm pretty sure the first drink the devil hands me won't be molten lava or a Bud Light, but "Org Unsweetened Hemp Beverage". Gah. But perhaps that's just me. I do wish them the best of luck with it, though. I just won't be ordering from them.

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3. Trusted - Ben Folds
4. Redemption song - Bob Marley*
5. Rock 'n roll star - Oasis


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you guys have a boat already - it'll be a couple of months before we see our 1 boat of the year (2 if you count the fuel one)...looks nice and summery over there!

Hallett said...

Looking at the photo, and wondering; why are the roofs so flat?

In a place where it snows a lot, wouldn't steep roofs, which shed snow better, make more sense?

Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

I just stole your pictures of the ship son is on her..thanks