Saturday, November 22, 2008

Your northern blogging nominees

I was planning on mentioning the Canadian Blog Awards as I believe the call for nominations closed yesterday or are closing today. I guess it's all in how you interpret things. However I notice that both Darcy and Megan have already mentioned that the nomination period is essentially over and done with.

So starting from November 23-29 will be the first round of voting. The top five go to the final round of voting, which runs from November 30-December 7.

Why mention this? Well, a couple of reasons. From a pure ego-stroke point of view I'm on the long list in several categories, which is both strange and very gratifying. Secondly, several of my online friends, both in the arctic and back in Newfoundland are nominated as well.

And finally, there's some talk about trying to organize an arctic voting block. We're all very proud of our arctic blogging family. Clare and I make jokes about Nunavut's blogging godfathers, but we proud of the "family" that's developed up north. I think Clare, in particular, has been a gateway blog to a lot of other northern blogs over the years.

I'm not going to tell who people who they should vote for. However, if you swing by this blog on a regular basis, then I encourage you to take a look at some of the blogs nominated, then take a few minutes and toss your vote on them. If you want to vote as a bloc, that's cool. But I think the important thing is to go and vote.

Why? I mean, it's just an online award after all, right? Yeah, but it's a bit more than that. I've won a couple of journalism awards and I assure you, the cynicism around those are equal to any online blogging awards. Still, it's nice to win these things. It's nice to get the recognition that what you're writing is being read by a large readership and liked.

You write blogs for many reason, but surely one of them is to be read and liked.

Anyway, here's the list of arctic bloggers nominated, along with a few from back in Newfoundland that I recommend. Apologies if I miss anyone.

Best Blog
The House and Other Arctic Musings
Townie Bastard
Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills

And while not northern, I would be remiss if I didn't mention The Bond Papers

Best Blog Post
"Levi Johnston's 2008 so far" by Townie Bastard

Best Blog Post Series
"The Being David Hasselhoff Contest" by Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills
"Land Claims for Dummies" by Stage Left

Best Cultural/Entertainment Blog
Townie Bastard

Best Family Blog
The Adventures of Matt, Kara and Baby Hunter in Faro, Yukon
Dispatches from the Failed Mommies Club
Just Below 63
Fawnahareo’s Place: Life as a mom in the Yukon

Best Local Blog
The House and Other Arctic Musings
Tales From The Arctic
Way Way Up
Townie Bastard
Jen of Nunavut
The Adventures of Matt, Kara and Baby Hunter in Faro, Yukon

Best Personal Blog
Dispatches From the Failed Mommies Club
Way Way Up
Jen of Nunavut

Best Photo/Art Blog
The House and Other Arctic Musings
Kluglanoch Corner
Inuvik Phil

Best Political Blog
The Bond Papers (in lieu of an arctic blog in this category, I highly recommend Ed's blog)

Best Professional/Career Blog
Habeas Corpus Under Aurora Borealis
Tales from the Arctic

And that's it. Remember to go here on Sunday and I'm sure there will be directions on how to vote in each category.

Last Five
1. Captain of a shipwreck - Neil Diamond
2. Is it any wonder - Keane
3. That summer - Andy Stochansky
4. How will I find you in heaven - Mo Berg
5. Look away - Big Country*


Way Way Up said...

Argh! Sorry I missed your blog's nomination for "Best Local Blog" for my little poll on my sidebar. I had hope to get them all. I tried to change it but I'm unable to now that the voting started. But I'll be sure to mention it.

(As you are a Godfather of the Nunavut blogging world, I realize this is a very serious transgression. I am currently making this comment from a secret undisclosed location somewhere in the South Pacific.)

towniebastard said...

Well, when you wake up tomorrow morning and there's a polar bear head in bed with you, I'll assume you will get the point, yes?

Fawn said...

Wow, I didn't even realize I'd been nominated for these awards until you linked to my site. Well, thanks for the heads-up! And thanks for the link.

I originally started my blog in order to keep family up to speed on my life up north, but "to be read and to be liked" is definitely on the list of current reasons to continue blogging.

Cheers from the Yukon!