Monday, November 17, 2008


One more reason to like the new apartment. We live higher up so when I see something cool out the window, I no longer have dozens to power cables in the way of the shot.

So if I want to take a picture of one of the many cool looking sunsets we get up here, I get something like this.

Which makes me happy.

And now to work...

Last Five
1. Don't believe it all - Treble Charger
2. California - Josh Ritter*
3. Ana Lucia - Sloan
4. Hollow men - REM
5. Peaceful valley - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals


Jackie S. Quire said...

Unreal awesome.

I have seen some amazing sunsets over the past couple weeks out on the land, and I always think there's no way I could have captured them with a camera, to any justice.

You have just proven me wrong, Mr. Bastard (:P)

SRD said...

fab. but why is your sunrise only 11 minutes later than ours, while your sunset is about 2 hours earlier?