Monday, November 03, 2008

Busy day

So let's see....

We met with the Housing guy and quickly snapped up the apartment. It's got a lot more space and a great view, but it's not without a few quirks. I think the bedroom is actually smaller, the sealift room is the same size at best and there are more odd angles to the place....

I'm honestly beginning to think that Nunavut architects are on crack.

Cathy has a plan of attack laid out and we should be mostly moved in by Friday. And we have enough space that we might even have a house warming party or something. For the first time since coming to Nunavut, we actually have a place with enough space to invite people over without worrying where we will put them.

Other things from the day.

1. I thought it was depressing coming out of work today at 5 pm and it was pitch black out. Except Cathy reminded me that she came out of work at 4 pm today and it was pitch black out. So yeah, that's more depressing.

2. Barack Obama's grandmother died mere hours before her grandson is all but assured of becoming the first black president of the United States. I find that about the saddest thing I've heard of in recent days.

3. So amidst that sadness, you need a couple of things to cheer you up. And for whatever reason, this Cliff Chiang sketch does it for me. He was commission to do comic book adaptations of 80s album covers and this is one of the ones he came up with.

I tried to get Chiang to do a sketch for me in New York, but he was always booked. Too bad. I'll try and get one from him some other time.

4. The final Opus cartoon ran Sunday, which is sad, but really quite lovely. You need to read about a half dozen or so strips before it to really appreciate it, but it's a nice send off.

I loved Opus and Bloom County when I was growing up. I know Breathed stopped the strip before, but he seems serious about it this time. And if this is farewell, then I'm hard pressed to think of a better one.

Last Five
1. Sometimes - Bowling For Soup
2. Stay together for the kids - Blink 182
3. Time of your life - Green Day*
4. Dingle regatta - The Pogues
5. If you leave - OMD


Kiggavik said...

I didn't realize that Breathed had revived the strip, but yeah, couldn't get a much nicer ending than that, I love "Goodnight Moon"

Ferry Tales said...

#2 is definitely the saddest thing I've heard in a while, too. At least she died knowing he managed to make it to where he is today regardless of how the election turns out.

towniebastard said...

I was sad about her death as well, and then I made the mistake of clicking on an article about how some right wing bloggers are suspicious about the timing of her death.

Then I had to get up and walk away from the computer before I smashed it to pieces.

By the way, for those paying attention to the creepy similarities between this campaign and the 7th season of the West Wing, remember Leo McGarry, the VP candidate, died hours before the polls closed.

It really is bizarre...

colette said...

Actually, I found myself during the campaign wondering what would happen if John McCain died at some point before November 4th. Would Palin automatically jump into the #1 spot with a TBD spot on the ticket for the VP? After all, the delegates didn't vote for her as their Presidential nominee--she was a choice. So I went a-googling, then read something about how the electoral college vote could really screw things up in that instance and essentially elect a dead guy in the event of a Republican win. After that, I took a stiff drink because it all started sounded unnecessarily complicated.

And I repeat again, TB, you are a bastard for reminding me of the end of Opus.