Monday, November 24, 2008

Sickness post

So after three weeks of Cathy being sick with pretty much everything coming through town short of tuberculous, she's finally on the mend. Which naturally means I finally caught something. It was inevitable, really. So my head currently feels like an overinflated balloon and my sinus want to explode out of my head.

All of which makes it not exactly the best set if circumstances for coming up with creative ideas for the blog. My apologies, especially for all the people visiting the blog for the first time from the Canadian Blogging Awards. I assume you I'm normally much more clever and witty.

(Excuse me a minute while I go and slap around the regulars to prevent them from snickering.)

Anyway, I will try and think of something pithy to write tomorrow. But for this evening I'll leave you the cartoon below. It was sent to me by my friend Sara, who I've known since my Muse days. She was one of a group of women from that time that I knew who was not only insanely intelligent and sweet, but also had a real god given ability to take the piss right out of me without trying hard.

So when I saw this cartoon, I managed to laugh and mutter, "you wench" at the same time. Then again, that's Sara.

The Cartoon is by Andy Riley and comes from The Observer Magazine over in the UK. The strip isn't online, so this is Sara's picture of it. Click on it to see a larger version.

Still, pretty accurate. Except I started the blog first before I began to ramble on about a novel.

Anyway, something amusing or outraged tomorrow. Oh, according to UPS, my package arrives tomorrow. Place your bets on that happening.

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4. Helicopter - Bloc Party
5. Curiosity - Sean Panting*


Bob Izumi Jr. said...

Hey Townie, since when are you clever and wi...Ow! Stop slapping me!

Seriously, Mr. Bastard is a great guy, a good curler and returns phone calls promptly.

Can I go now?

towniebastard said...

Actually, I slap people with a large char I keep around for such occasions. Because really, you slap someone in face with a char just one time and they listen pretty well after that.

(Also, I like that Monty Python fish slapping sketch)

And yes, you may go. Just remember, I have access to lots of char.