Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to the cold

So let's just say it's a wee bit cold up here today. Cathy perhaps summed it up best by saying, "it's a beautiful day, just as long as you don't have to go outside."

I think it's around -41 with windchill today. We're going to have colder days this winter, but this is the first really cold day of this winter and that's always a bit of a shock to the system.

How cold is it? Well, let's see if this picture can sum things up accurately.

That fog is, I'm pretty sure, actual steam coming up off the ocean because the Arctic Ocean is that much warmer than the air above it. The inner bay is pretty much already frozen. It won't be too much longer before the outer one will be as well. Then we can enjoy watching snow mobiles zipping out at warp speeds across the sea ice.

Still, despite the cold, we did go outside briefly to get brunch at the Frobisher. Their brunch is one of the few good deal on food in town if you want to eat yourself sick. I'm reminded of this xkcd cartoon every time I come back from their brunch.

All you can eat bacon. That's never a good thing, really.

Round one of the voting for the Canadian Blogging Awards has officially begun. I kind of feel odd as this will be the third time this year I will have asked people to vote for me. There was the Nunavut Blogging Awards and MUN's Board of Regents election. At some point, you're just taking advantage of people.

Then again, I haven't actually won any of these things. So until I win something, I think I'm just going to keep on bugging people.

And now, because it's been awhile and I know you're craving for a return appearance, here's some pictures of Boo.

Sunning himself on top of the couch.

Just hanging out.

Perhaps the reason why my internet has exceeded its 10 gig cap the last couple of months....Boo is cruising for music and porn while we sleep.

Last Five
1. Someday soon - KT Tunstall
2. I can't take it - Andy Stochansky*
3. Living the dream - Sloan
4. Peace on earth - U2
5. Kiss that frog (live) - Peter Gabriel


Anonymous said...

Okay, let me get this straight, unless we vote you into some award this whining for votes will never stop?

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for you and and the dog named Boo!

Joyce said...

Found your blog due to voting for a friend's blog. A very enjoyable read! I live near Toronto, ON and had nothing but trouble last year with UPS - just thought I'd share. Take care and hope that software comes in.