Sunday, November 09, 2008

To a de-luxe apartment, in the sk-yi-yi...

The damn theme song to the Jeffersons has been going through my head for days. It's driving me mad.

Anyway, the move is now essentially complete. All of our stuff is out of the old apartment and Cathy's now doing the final cleaning touches on the place to make it ready of inspection (before people give me grief about not doing cleaning, I did clean the oven this morning. So there). And the new apartment is almost all settled away. We're essentially in the nitpicky stage of figuring out what picture goes where, or where we're going to put a particular knickknack. We should be all settled away over the next day.

I won't say it was the easiest move ever, but it certainly helps only having to move up a flight of stairs and not have to drag things outside in the -25 weather. Although it would have been even better if the sealift hadn't arrived two weeks ago. Yes, there is a certain irony about cursing on the delays involved in the sealift only to have it finally arrive and then we have to move. It has not escaped us.

But it really is like living in the penthouse suite of the place. I'll put some pics up of the inside of the place in a few days. In the meantime, here's the view.

Iqaluit really is much nicer looking with some snow on the ground.

So it's a pretty nice view and it's south facing, so we're getting pretty much the maximum amount of daylight possible during the winter months. Also, we're now above the goddamn telephone wires, which is nice. I can actually shoot some of the pretty sunsets from my apartment without the wires getting in the way.

However, lest we get too cocky about the place, there can be reminders that you're still living in the north. When I came out of the building the other morning, this greeted me.

Yeah, someone threw a random chunk of animal carcass on the ground, making the local ravens happy. I guess even they need a break from The Snack from time to time.

That's not to say everything is perfect. I can still find things to vent about. I am, for example, pissed that Northwest Tel felt that $84 was a fair price to charge me for moving our phone and internet from one apartment in the same building to the other. That was annoying, but hey, at least they did it competently. Meaning I asked them to do it on Friday and they did.

Which is more than can be said about Iqaluit Cable. I've been building up a head of steam on these guys for awhile. Aside from crappy channel selection - two of the movie channels are now exactly the same - which is nice when you only have about 55 channels to begin with, frequently wonky reception and vastly overpriced at $75 a month, they couldn't managed to flip service from one apartment to the other on Friday. That's despite promising they would do so, no problem.

Oh, and they're charging us $50.

So they've finally motivated me enough to do something I've been threatening to do for ages...go to the building owners and see if they can get satellite installed in here. Surely God it cannot be as bad and overpriced as Iqaluit Cable.

But other than that, we like the new place. It has space. After two years in the other place, which served us faithfully and well, it's nice to have some room to move around again...finally.

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Aida said...

funny about the ravens, the locals keep meat outdoors here, and this attracts the polar i am on the fence about if i want to see it or not..