Thursday, August 14, 2008

Should have listened

I said I should have stopped looking at news stories earlier today because everything I was reading was managing to depress me or piss me off. But I didn't, and look what happens....the next Harry Potter movie is delayed until July 2009.

There were pretty much only two movies coming out this Christmas I wanted to see. One was the new Jame Bond movie, Quantum of Solace (still not sure about that title, but the trailer is damn impressive), and the new Potter. I'm sure there might be others that I wouldn't mind seeing, but those were the only two I was kind of anxious to see. Now, I'm down to one.

Nice try at a spin job from the Warner's president, though. "Hey, but at least you only have to wait a year for part one of Deathly Hallows." Yes, Part 1. Those kids are going to be 30 before they're finally finished. And at least one of them (my money is on Emma Watson) is going to be in rehab.

sigh.....Anyway, hopefully nothing but good news on Friday.

Last Five
1. Pray for rain (live) - Allison Crowe
2. Just the way you are (live) - Elton John and Billy Joel
3. Eyes on the prize (live) - Bruce Springsteen*
4. I can't remember anything - Chris Picco
5. Evaporated - Ben Folds


Anonymous said...

You are wrong on your thoughts about Emma Watson fucktard.

towniebastard said...

You know, I wasn't going to publish this, what with my policy on anonymous insults and all. But it's actually quite funny to be insulted in this manner over, of all thing, Emma Watson's party habits.

So what they hell, just this one time...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Craig, you gotta grow up. Harry isn't real you know. No matter how long you wait it'll still only be a movie of a kid's book.

towniebastard said...

Grow up? Good god, I've managed to go 38 years without that happening so far....why break a perfectly good trend?

Kate Nova said...


Megan said...

I love anonymous insults. They are hilarious.

People who read your blog every day aren't swayed by incoherent insults from people who won't even leave their names.