Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She's back

So after a month apart, I finally have Cathy back in the apartment. Which is a very good thing. It's nice having the place to myself and all, but it does get a bit lonely after awhile. Now I have a small hurricane blowing through the apartment, with Cathy unpacking everything and trying to find places for all of our stuff. We have, as Cathy frets, a lot of stuff. Or not enough space. Or some combination of both. One more reason that we're going to start poking around for a larger place. Assuming we can find one that lets us have dogs.

Speaking of which, Boo is back as well, although he's quite sedate. It's worrying Cathy a bit, but I figure the combination of a couple of days of travel and a touch of depression at being back in Iqaluit might be doing it to him. I'm not going to over-analyze the dog here or anything, it's just the last couple of months he's been in Newfoundland being spoiled by Cathy's parents (and oh did they spoil him) with lots of walks each days, grass to romp through and critters other than ravens to chase. So yeah, I could see being back here and realizing he's back to his old routines might sap some of the good from him. But I don't anticipate putting him on anti-depressants or anything.

The other news is that our trip to Australia is coming that much closer to reality. Cathy's been dealing with Aeroplan on this and has been showing infinite patience. It takes a lot of phone calls to get from Iqaluit to Sydney. Especially since you can book Aeroplan tickets on Air Canada up to 355 days in advance of the flight, but First Air/Canadian North can be booked 335 days in advance. As you can imagine, that means a lot of extra phone calls and unnecessary complications.

I have no idea why Canadian North/First Air does their seat bookings at a different time than Air Canada other than to make things difficult. And you do have to book these things that far in advanced. The Air Canada seats to Australia disappear quickly, especially since we're flying business class (it's a long flight, we have the points, we're going to use them) And the northern airlines only have two Aeroplan seats per flight. And they disappear very quickly.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that we have the Iqaluit-Ottawa-Vancouver-Sydney portion of the trip locked in. And as of today we have the Sydney-Vancouver-Ottawa portion of the trip locked in. We just have to wait another three weeks or so to lock in the Ottawa to Iqaluit portion. And considering that ticket is probably more expensive than the Ottawa-Sydney trip, it's an important portion. But it's looking very good.

A month in Australia. Italy was fun, but we're really looking forward to Australia. That's the dream trip.

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Aida said...

i like Australia, will definitely go back. but it seems to be a bit of a "backpackers" country.

p/s - at least CN/FA is still doing aeroplan miles. last I checked we are "screwed" since aeroplan redemption and collection is currently suspended on Calm Air till further notice.