Monday, August 25, 2008

No results

I've read the story in the Telegram yesterday and apparently I've managed to avoid embarrassing myself. My main concern was that I was going to sound like a poor loser, but I think I managed to avoid that. Well, at least so far.

That's because I'm not 100 per cent ready to let the bull go yet. Oh, I have no illusions of getting elected to the Board of Regents this year. That ship has sailed. But I am genuinely curious as to why the results can't be released because of privacy legislation concerns. I've contacted Alumni Affairs and asked for clarification, which they promise they're going to send me. I wouldn't presume to speak for them, but if I can read between the lines it sounds like they might be a bit annoyed as well.

I'll give it until Wednesday or so, just to see if they actually get permission from everyone. But I highly doubt it. Between people away on vacation and not checking their email and people who may genuinely not want the results released for one reason or another I doubt they will get them all to consent.

Now, I'm not prepared to go so far as WJM and attribute this all to a grand Danny conspiracy. I just want someone to explain how an open and free election cannot have the final results reported in public. I'll listen to what they have to say. And if it still doesn't make sense, then I'll contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and get them to look into it.

Why go through all this hassle when it will make no difference at all to the final results? Mainly because I'm curious. But also because I don't think privacy legislation should be used as a reason to not release election results.

By the way, given how much noise was kicked up about the Regents and the presidential search I would certainly hope some enterprising reporter picks up this story and starts asking some questions. Because this is weirdness to me.

Oh, and if I might be a touch bitter for a moment, I read Rex Gibbons and John Hogan's responses to what the Regents should do regarding the presidential search and wanted to hit my head off something solid.

"I wouldn't comment on what the premier should or shouldn't do - that's not my role and that's not the board's role...." - John Hogan.

"I'm not going to comment on it at this stage. I'm going to wait until I'm fully briefed on all the issues, including that one." - Rex Gibbons.

Bravo lads. I can tell right now you'll be fighting for MUN's academic independence from outside interference right to the last.

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Anonymous said...

Aaah...Newfoundland. It can always get worse.

SRD said...

so, if alumni affairs didn't decide that they couldn't publish the results, then who did? this is silly. even Mugabe lets them publish the results :)

how can you have an election and not publish the results? if someone agrees to stand in an election, then all eligible voters must be allowed to know what the results are. no privacy issues at all, anywhere. these people claim to represent me, so i want to know the results...i see an email to AlAff coming on. maybe next year i'll run...

WJM said...

Now, I'm not prepared to go so far as WJM and attribute this all to a grand Danny conspiracy.

Even WJM hasn't gone that far!

I've just pointed out the spooky ethical similarities between MUN's approach in this, and Danny's in similar matters.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing smells of political interference.

Has the Chair of the Board of Regents become a tool of the Provincial Governing Party? I think so.

The Press has for the most part become bored with the Board story and has moved on. Not much hope they will be pusuing this story much further if at all. New stories to break etc etc.

The Privacy Commissioner is a toothless tiger. I predict his reply will be " there are bigger fish to fry, you got to pick your fights and I will not pursue this."

Danny has won. It is over. The Chair's position has effectively become politicized. All that remains to be seen is to what degree. Will it be blatant politcal pork to a friend of the Chief, a family member perhaps, a legal beagle associate? Whomever it is you can bet on one thing. He or she will no doubt pay homage to the political master in the building up the road. Mourn for the independence of MUN.

This has not been a good legacy for Joan Burke.

Kiggavik said...

I would think that "free and transparent" elections, which include the results trump any privacy concerns and I'd be surprised if this held up against any sort of scrutiny.

Ron said...

My unsolicited advice is "Let it go". The other day you were talking about how you and Cathy plan to be living in the North for years to come and now you are back getting yourself knotted up over the Board of Regents which clearly can't figure out which way is up. You've got a career, you've got a job, you've got Cathy, a home and dare I say it?, a life. Modern universities are in a political economy with big business and government. I am actually surprised the Board of Regents didn't ask INCO to interview the candidates. I suspect you have more productive things you can do like working on that novel.

Kerri said...

Where were Hogan and Gibbons quoted as saying that?

towniebastard said...

They were quoted on the front page of the Sunday Telegram, the 25th, I think.