Sunday, August 24, 2008


So by my reckoning today is the third anniversary of our arrival in Iqaluit. Cathy has a year on me my virtue of her year in Rankin Inlet. But yeah, three years ago we hit Iqaluit.

And my first impression? What the hell had I gotten myself into? It was a cold, gray day when we hit town. And there is a bit of culture shock when you first land. But hey, we've adapted quite nicely. I was debating even bothering to mention it today. When we first came up to Iqaluit we were all about the five year plan. We would stay for that long and then evaluate whether or not we were going to stay.

We've pretty much made that decision already to stay beyond five years if the place will have us. Something might come up that makes us leave. But if we have our way, we plan to be here for many years to come.

The other thing that happened today is we attended a celebration of life for one of Cathy's former co-workers. Cathy taught with Liz for more than a year before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. And man, she fought that about as hard as I've ever seen anyone fight cancer. But if there was ever a disease that seemed to be out to get someone, I think it was this bout of cancer. It never seemed to let up or give her a break. And I think in the end, there's only so hard you can fight for so long.

I never knew her that well, but Cathy was close to her and took it hard. Cathy taught Liz's boys for each of the last three years. So it's been rough. But the ceremony today was nice and it was good to see a large crowd show up.

Last Five
1. Miss teen wordpower - The New Pornographers*
2. Honky tonk woman - Rolling Stones
3. Songs of love - Ben Folds
4. Runnin' down a dream - Tom Petty
5. Fly me to the moon (live) - Frank Sinatra


Kiggavik said...

I know, all too well, how cancer can beat down even the most determined person. And how it reaches even beyond them to hurt their friends and loved ones. But I also know, thankfully very well, that they live on in us, our memories. It is a worthy thing to celebrate their lives.

Kirsten said...

Oddly enough, I just walked in the door from a breast cancer fundraiser concert. I was there mostly because my friend Sadie was playing, but of course it's always a good cause. And I was thinking about how everybody knows someone who's been affected by it in some way, and then came home and read your post... a timely reminder. My sympathies to Cathy on the loss of a friend.