Friday, May 30, 2008

We already have's very nice

(You need to say the title with an outrageous French accent...)

Anytime a big movie comes out, you can probably dig around enough and find some tacky promotional items that go along with it. However, this has to be near the top of the list for me.

The fertility god pen holder, eh, maybe not so much.

Even the ark of the covenant business card holder doesn't do it for me, but maybe you get away with it.

But the Holy Grail paper clip holder....oh yeah, baby. That's the stuff.

The really sad thing is, I kind of want a Holy Grail paper clip holder. Might be careful to taking to the water fountain if I was thirsty. Just in case, you know. But that's honestly kind of tempting.

Of course, I've just had an idea. If I got the Grail before I went to Italy we could then get the pope to bless it when we were in Vatican City. Then we could go to one of the Cathedrals, dip it in the holy water they always have an the entrance to the church (I'm sure it has a name, but I can't recall it) and then take a swig.

Immortality? Maybe.

Then again, if Indiana Jones logic takes hold, it means I probably can never leave the Vatican, which would likely suck. Cathy, however, just pointed out a much more practical problem. Thousands of people a day dip their hands into the water. It might not be enough to melt me, but I suspect I would come down with one hell of a bug.

(h/t) Mike Sterling

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Scarlet said...

Dude, (said in surfer/snowboarder accent) for a gazzillion dollars the Pope will bless anything including your little Townie Bastard which you could go around dipping in everyone else's water to make it holy. I would defiantly never leave Vatican City if I could do THAT.

And if you actually call it your "little Townie Bastard" I do NOT want to know.