Friday, May 02, 2008

Thought for the morning

There are some potholes that, even with a new 4 by 4 truck, it doesn't matter a tinker's damn. They aren't small potholes where one of your wheels dive into and jar you and you curse. Although lord knows there's enough of them around town right now. No, these are monstrosities. These are potholes so large that when you edge the truck into them you genuinely wonder how far down they go because the water on top gives you no clue as to how deep it goes.

I went into one yesterday and had the brief thought that this pothole might be so large, so deep that the Tracker would just keep on going down and down and down. And eventually, maybe it would hook up with one of the huge potholes in St. John's. Because maybe that's how potholes work. That they become so large if left unattended that they form a secret network connecting cities. And that if I could only find the right connections the Tracker might come up and find itself on Duckworth Street. Which would be lovely. I need to get home again at some point and this certainly would be a cheap way to go about it.

All of this flashed briefly through my mind as the truck kept going down into what some might call a pothole, but was really a temporary pond that had formed in the middle of the road. Then, I hit bottom. The water only coming up as high as the bottom of the door. I leveled out, rose up and continued on my way. Until the next giant pothole. Maybe that one has the secret portal.

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