Monday, May 12, 2008

Mercy rule

I spend more time reading American political pundits than Canadian ones these days. Which is a waste of time, really, but I'm kind of addicted. And all of them offer a take on what's going to happen in the Obama vs. McCain election (only the truly committed still thinks Clinton has a chance). How it's going to be close. And will Obama be able to overcome the smears. Is he the next promising Democrat who is going to get crushed in the fall. Is he a Carter, Mondale or Dukakis?

And I laugh. Because it's mostly (there are a few good ones) people talking out of their ass. Or people talking because they get paid to espouse an opinion, never mind that it's non-sensical. Just keep talking, that's the important thing. And sound like you know what you're talking about.

Barring something catastrophic, Obama is going to win this thing by a mile. On top of that, Obama's downticket appeal means the Democrats are going to open up a sizable majority in both the Senate and the House. I don't think we're talking what happened to the Tories in Canada in '93, but we could be looking at what happened to the Tories in England in '97.

I can quote articles from people's whose opinions I respect and who seem to be talking sense. But I think the article that best sums up the Republican Apocalypse that is on the way is the one below. The one with the best headline I've read in ages, which was sent to me by my friend Corey.

Republicans Vote Against Moms; No Word Yet on Puppies, Kittens

In an election year, Republicans in Congress at first voted for a motion "Celebrating the role of mothers in the United States and supporting the goals and ideals of Mother's Day" and then, after careful thought, reconsidered the idea. That's when 177 Republicans voted against this motion. Against moms. And they flipped-flopped on it. They were for moms, before they were against moms.

Sure I could point to the cluster-fuck that is the Iraq War. A foreign policy that looks like it was designed by Kindergarten bullies and an economic policy that appears to have been designed by someone who flunked Grade 5 math. But you will always get people who will argue the pros of each of these policies in such a way that, if you're not careful, you will almost believe the bullshit.

But the Republicans just voted against mothers right before Mother's Day. If you want a clearer sign of a group of people that need to go away now, who have lost touch with reality, I can't give it to you. The 177 Republicans that voted against moms should lose the next election just for being that fucking stupid. Yes, politicians can be idiots, but that is stupidity above and beyond, my friends. That's historic stupidity. Future historians will point to that vote and go, "That's quite possibly the stupidest group of people in the history of our country."

And this is what Obama, who even his adversaries will admit is as gifted a politician as they've seen in a generation or more, is going up against this fall. Someone who just defeated the combined might and cunning of the Clintons is going up against people who don't think a motion celebrating moms is a good idea.

If there isn't a mercy rule in politics, then they might want to consider legislating one after the November elections. It's going to be exactly that ugly.

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dups said...

I really really want to believe that Obama will win. I just wonder though if the race card may still be too much of a factor in North America.

Let's hope that America is more enlightened than I believe it to be.

colette said...

"after careful thought"
TB, I don't think you read the entire article carefully enough (that is a gem of a headline though). There was no "careful thought" involved. The re-vote was taken in order to introduce a delay in the business of the House and by so doing, delay another vote on another motion later. It was political maneuveuring pure and simple. The actual subject matter of the resolution wasn't the point--the maneuveur was the point. What was spectacularly stupid of the GOP was not seeing the effect re-voting (and defeating) that particular motion at that particular time would have on the voting public. (Where were their communications people?!)
By the way, the purpose of Mother's Day is larger than that of celebrating mothers and the work they do. The original "goals and ideals" of Mother's Day were to promote peace. That historical aspect of the day has been lost over the years. Puts a whole new spin on voting down the resolution doesn't it?

Stephanie said...

Runner-up headline:

The free-range child

Growing up in Manuels, NL in the 70s and 80s was a great time to be a kid. Like the article mentions, we'd play soccer in our yard or road hockey in front of the house (CAR!!!!), wander down to the ocean or walk the train tracks to the river.

I can see why so many of my friends and relatives left the big cities to return to the Rock to raise their rugrats.