Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quiet Saturday

Nothing much to report right now. I had a longer post written up saying fuck the junta ruling Burma, just put together a UN force, invade the country and disperse aid. And if Burmese troops start shooting or interfering, show them in force what a big fucking mistake that would be.

But really, it just felt like whining and a useless blowing off of steam. What's happening in Burma is horrible and once again the international community appears nearly impotent to try and do something. I guess when you see that sort of thing happening, the old reptilian brain kicks in says that force is probably the best way to solve this particular crisis. Just action of any sort, rather than sitting and staring helplessly at the TV while thousands die to this bastard regime.


In other news, I survived the last day of the trade show, despite the locust-like swarms of children that swept through the place on the last day, devouring every free item they could find on a table. One took an empty DVD case, so I hope he or she likes that. Still, it was better than I thought it was going to be, so that's something, I guess.

Oh, and the little green car is no more ours. In what has to be one of the easiest transactions in my life, the guy calls at 12:45, sees the car at 4:30, offers to buy it at 4:31 and is out the door, after a quick stop to the bank for cash, with the keys and registration by 5:05. Seriously. He offered to buy the car before I turned it on. I was explaining to him a couple of the little quirks of the car (she's noisy when first starting in the winter, duct tape on the front bumper), but he didn't care. So it was at that point I stopped talking and just let him buy the damn thing.

We were asking $4,000, we got $3,500. So we're pretty happy with that. Cathy's still a bit sad. She's owned the car for more than eight years. It was her first car, her first real "adult" purchase. And it's not like when you sell a car down south and you might not ever see it again. Since we sold it yesterday we've already seen it three or four times around town. So it's a bit weird. Gone, but not forgotten.

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I disagree with violence but here is a better retort then I am capable of at the moment.