Monday, May 26, 2008

Conversations with Cathy

Yes, I know I said I would have a column-like piece every Monday and it's really not a good start when I bump that back on the first week. However, I have a bit of a headache and the thing I'm working on is not jelling the way I would like. So instead, I give you the return of a long lost feature here on the blog - Conversations with Cathy:

Me: Hey, did you hear about the big concert announcement back in St. John's?

Cathy: No. Who is playing?

Me: The Backstreet Boys.

Cathy: What? Really?

Me: Yup. With opening act Girlicious.

Cathy: Wow.

Me: I know.

Cathy: So, when do you think the Backstreet Boys became Trooper?

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Megan said...

The Backstreet Boys are still touring???

towniebastard said...

I think this is a reunion tour, much like New Kids on the Block are doing a reunion tour, so I hear.

Now that would be a concert to go to. Mainly so I could put explosives in the concert hall.

(I kid, I kid....sort of)

Btw, for those who missed the joke, and it's a uniquely Newfoundland joke, Trooper might be popular nowhere else in the world, but they're still big in Newfoundland and tour there relentlessly.

So I'm wondering if Backstreet will do the Newfoundland tour circuit, playing in hockey arenas from Whitbourne to Joe Batt's Arm.