Thursday, May 08, 2008


Deeply disturbing, brutally funny or honestly useful? You be the judge.

It's a book to help children deal with the fact that mommy just came back from the hospital after having some work done and now look a wee bit different than she did before. Here's the website.

I confess, I laughed for a solid minute or two. It's just so....American, for lack of a better word. Then again, I guess it could be useful for those times when kids really do freak out that mom's breasts seem to have magically enlarged.

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)


Megan said...


Mireille Sampson said...

Fucking hilarious! And funny because it's honest - a christopher guest moment.

Not that kids ever notice when mom's gone up a bra size, mom's do that whenever they're pregnant anyway and I've never heard kid comment on it.

Ticia said...

Strange! Just for the record not all of is getting nipped and tucked. Most of us just get old and fall apart like everyone else in the world.

Kiggavik said...

Can't wait for the Botox sequel. "Daddy? Why doesn't mom's face move?"