Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wii are amused, so far...

When we got home yesterday, it was mostly a day of sloth. We were up early to the airport, then travelling. All we wanted to do was relax and play with the dog a bit (who didn't seem to suffer any lasting psychological damage for our absence and forgave us readily when we gave him new toys).

Today, however, was when he had to do some work around the apartment.

So that meant setting up the bookshelf we bought in Ottawa. One of the many stores we hit when we were there was, of course, Ikea. There was little doubt we were going there, but there was considerable doubt on whether or not we would get anything there. A combination of little room in the apartment and whether or not we could get the airline to fly it up without gouging us had that in doubt.

Turns out, with a little bit of drama we could get a bookcase up to Iqaluit. The drama was that the first case we were looking at was too large to transport in the rental car, but we managed to find another. The second drama is when the box holding the bookcase partially shredded while flying up so we had pieces falling out. Miraculously, they all made it to Iqaluit.

Anyway, through the jigs and reels, we managed to get back to the apartment and Cathy put it together this morning. It is lovely. You've never seen a bookcase make a woman quite so happy. And it is much needed after all the books and comic books purchased.

The next thing set up was a Wii. Yes, we managed to get one. No, it didn't involved prostitution. Through a thoroughly bizarre set of circumstances, an old friend of Cathy's reappeared in her life after being AWOL for a year or two. And, as it happens, lives in Ottawa and works at electronics store. We met him and his girlfriend a couple of times for supper. We mentioned that we might take a poke around for a Wii when we were in town. He wished us luck, which we knew we would need.

And then, the next time we met, he said his store was getting a shipment in, and he had one put away. Were we interested?

So tada, we have a Wii. Feel free to envy me. We got it set up today, with remarkable ease and began playing it. Cathy is having a few challenges playing Zelda. I'm having a blast with Rayman Raving Rabbids. I anticipate us having a lot of fun with it.

Oh yeah, we also did a ton of laundry and bought a lot of groceries. But really, the bookcase and the Wii are the highlights.


Simon said...

Wii Sports is the best game *ever*

Anonymous said...

Craig, after reading your blog for a long time (some nice posts, btw), I've come to the conclusion that you (like most bloggers) have the mentality of an utterly self-absorbed 14 year old girl.

Side note, I have a Wii so it's not the game...