Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ottawa here we come...

So we'll be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow around lunch time. Myself and Cathy will be taking a much need little break and spending a week in Ottawa. The original plan was to go to the Caribbean for a week, perhaps going to St. Lucia or some other nice, warm place. However, the car's transmission put an end to that.

But we're not mourning too much, to be honest. Yes, sitting on a beach would be very nice. But there's also something nice to be said about a quick jaunt to Ottawa. Where we can go to a few museums (the Museum of Civilization and the War Museum), the art gallery and anything else we can think of educational. There will be some shopping, a few restaurant fixes (Indian, Korean, Italian) and lots of movies. Turns out Young Triffie is playing in Ottawa, which will be nice (we currently love the promotion on CBC about the movie, where you can win a trip to Halifax. Which is typical for a movie set in Newfoundland, I suppose).

Basically, it will be a nice, relaxing week. We've got a rental car. We've got a hotel room for a couple of nights. One of Cathy's aunts lives about an hour outside of Ottawa and we'll stay there for a few nights.

It's not that we didn't enjoy our time back home over Christmas, but it was so hectic, with so many commitments, we hardly had a chance to relax. That's what Ottawa will be all about.

We've got someone house sitting for us, so it will be curious to how Boo does while we're gone. I think he'll be okay. He's going to have to be. This won't be the last time he's going to be abandoned by us.

I won't be taking the computer with me, so I may post on Sunday, but then the next time you'll hear from me will be next Saturday. I hope you can all cope with the withdrawal.


Anonymous said...

Hope you both have a wonderful trip. Bon Voyage!

Clare said...

Have a good trip. I'm in Ottawa today, leaving back for Arctic Bay tomorrow. Too bad we couldn't get together.