Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where's Plan B?

There's a quip you often hear at the curling club - Plan B. When you're dealing recreational league curlers you can call all the wise strategy shots you want, odds are the players can't make them. However, more often than you might think, the person making the shot does something weird, odd and just plain fluky and the shot works out. You wanted an opponent's stone removed. You thought a straight take-out would do the trick; your second believes it would be more interesting to remove that stone via a double angle raise take-out. But hey, it got the job done. Plan B.

Getting down to Plan C or D is also not unheard of.

So when I read this quote from Premier Williams, I got curious:

"My solution is to get rid of Harper."

Which is lovely. Great Plan A. However, this is politics and yes, there are some players of local skills in Newfoundland, but you just know that Williams can call that shot all he wants, odds are it's not going to happen.

What am I talking about? Well, last time I checked the prime minister was flirting in majority government territory in opinion polls. Some have him around 39 per cent, which is really, really close to getting a majority. And regardless, it certainly seems to indicate that his government is in no danger of not being in charge should another election be held any time soon. Barring some epic collapse or scandal, Harper is still going to be prime minister at the end of this year, even if it's another minority government.

Yes, things might change. It's the reason why we hold elections. But it's not looking likely. And if Premier Williams believes he can sway the rest of Canada to his opinion and oust the prime minister, well, that's showing a level of delusion I quite frankly find a touch alarming. Because I can call Harper many things - ego-centric, a touch cruel, more than a bit cold. But the one thing I wouldn't call him his stupid. I think he's got Williams figured out pretty well. He watched what he did to Martin and learned from it. It isn't happening to him.

So, Plan B. The Hail Mary shot. I'm assuming there's a Plan B for when Harper is still prime minister. You know, the plan where the province could perhaps move forward on other very important files such as Churchill Falls, the fishery, and financial issues. Where everything works out despite the fact that Harper is still prime minister and Williams is still premier and these things still need to be taken care of despite the giant egos involved.

No? No Plan B? Nothing at all? No angles or bit of flukery possible so we don't end up completely screwed?

Well, damn...

On an unrelated note, the weekly weigh-in came in at 232 pounds, up one from last week. And with the two of us off to Ottawa next week, cracking that magic 230 pound barrier is apparently still a couple of weeks away.


Mark said...

Bono once told a story explaining the difference between Americans and Irish. (it may seem a tad stereotypical, but coming from an Irishman, it's probably ok...)

It goes like this.

An American walks by this great big house on the hill turns to his boy and says "one day, son, we'll live in that house". An Irishman walks by the same house with his boy and says "one, day, son, we'll get those buggers."

It seems, in Newfoundland at least, that "one day getting those buggers", whether they are oil companies, nickel companies, mainlanders, federal liberals, federal tories, or federalists in general, Ontario-based journalists...whomever... "getting those buggers" is the predominant public policy objective.

Building a better house. Well, that's not even a subject of discussion.

Sad really.

Spite, pride, bitterness, historical revisionism, vengence and belligerance may garner public support, but they don't help people live better lives, build better communities, etc.

That's what governments focus on in other provinces.

WJM said...

That's what governments focus on in other provinces.

But Mark, "I am sorry, Sir, I am just not going to follow what the Government of Canada does. We are going to stand on our own and (inaudible)."