Monday, April 02, 2007

Rejecting false idols

Just a reminder that Canadian Idol will be in St. John's on Wednesday. As per this manifesto last month, I'm calling on all reasonable and sane Newfoundlanders to boycott the show. That means starting with the tryouts. The fewer that show-up and try to get on the show, the better.

I stated that fighting the influence of Canadian Idol is an important step to regaining some provincial dignity at the national level. I still believe that. Perhaps it's not up there in importance of the current battle between the premier and prime minister, but there's little that can be done on that until there is either a provincial or federal election. Here's our first small step towards some semblance of provincial sanity by ignoring this show.

If enough people come to their sense about Canadian Idol, who knows what other revelations might happen to them. Perhaps they might even come to reject other idols in the province as well.

Dare to dream.


Edward G. Hollett said...

I support this campaign whole-heartedly.

Unfortunately, it stands no chance of success.

If it weren't for seal hunts and Canadian Idol what would people in the province get upset about?

We now get double the March madness.

WJM said...

If it weren't for seal hunts and Canadian Idol what would people in the province get upset about?

You mean, besides the Upper Churchill, the Lower Churchill, the fishery, DFO, Voisey's Bay, Quebec, Marine Atlantic, Stephen Harper, Pierre Trudeau, the Newfoundland Railway, John Diefenbaker, Term 29, Confederation, the Commission of Government, Richard Squires, Blaine-Bond, the French Shore question, the Fortune Bay Outrage, Responsible Government, the Amalgamated Assembly, Home Rule for Ireland, Representative Government, the Beothucks, and D'Iberville?

towniebastard said...

This is true. People will always find something to get upset about. Moral outrage is one of the great Newfoundland past times.

However, I would like for Newfoundlanders to get less outraged by completely retarded things. Say what you will about the frenzy the premier has the province whipped into over the current racket with the prime minister, but it's actually over an important issue.

Getting upset or worked into a frenzy over Canadian Idol is just stupid.

Mike said...

And I thought Williams had a fight on his hands with Harper et al!

Good luck with winning this one TB. You're going to need it as you obviously haven't met my 15 year old grand-daughter and her Idol idolizing friends yet :):)