Thursday, April 26, 2007

230 barrier

It occurs to me that I haven't posed my most recent weight on the blog since before I went to Ottawa. I'm not sure anyone cares (I'm not sure anyone is still reading the blog. Between the trip and Blogrolling's latest technical difficulties, I'm down about a third in my traffic), but I said I would keep doing it.

So as of this morning I'm 230.6 pounds. It's a Weight Watcher's scale. I've never really understood the whole need to get into decimal points with your weight, but I guess for the true obsessive, it's a nice bonus.

I've been having a hard time cracking 230. I suspect it's partially that I'm still eating too much crap. Ottawa didn't help, what with two trips to Wendys, an Indian buffet and actually feeling nauseous one day because I had ate so much. But I've tried to reduce portions since returning home, so we'll see how that goes. And I'm back in the swing with the gym and just renewed my membership for six months. If nothing else, that's helping. I do feel better and seem to have a bit more energy.

It's funny, but friends on Facebook have been throwing up lots of pictures of our wedding. And one of the things that strikes me is that I look quite...portly in the photos. Nothing can be done about that now. However, I do have a friend who is getting married the summer. So I shall have to try to look more svelte for the inevitable barrage of pictures to come.

Hmmmm, some anonymous person said after a recent blog post that myself and other bloggers tend to write like 14 year old girls. I fear there is nothing in this post that's going to dissuade him of that notion.


J Consortium said...

Like 14 year old girls? What? I don't see anything about your writing that resembles that of a 14 year old girl. Maybe if your posts were about how much your teachers and parents hate you and how the boy you have a crush on asked your best friend out...maybe then. But WTF...some insult.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mistake you for a little girl even if I didn't know you, but the weigh-ins do, of course, remind me of Brigit Jones...just a little.