Sunday, April 01, 2007

On tour in Nunavut

Now here's an interesting tidbit tucked away in the last issue of News North, one of the two main newspapers in Nunavut. Quoting off a press release about the White Stripes, the band says they plan to hit "all 10 provinces and three territories" with their news record before hitting the United States.

The News North article isn't online, but here is a copy of the press release. And while no dates have been set, if you read this release right the band is apparently considering coming to Nunavut to play. Assuming it's not just big talk about how large their tour is going to be.

I'm not the biggest White Stripes fan on the planet, although "Seven Nation Army" is one of the great rock songs of the past 10 years. Still, Fred Eaglesmith is about the biggest name I've seen play in Iqaluit since I've been here. If the White Stripes come to Iqaluit to play, well, clearly I'm going to have to buy tickets. That's something entirely too strange to pass up. And I'll also need a tour t-shirt with the dates on it.

Of course, there's no guarantee that they will play in Iqaluit. Back in 2001, Rankin Inlet hosted the rock spectacular that was Trooper, Sass Jordon, the Stampeders and a few others. Tickets for that went for around $100. So perhaps if they do end up playing in Nunavut, they'll go there.

Also makes me wonder how much the tickets will go for. I imagine $100 might be cheap. Still, it would be fun. If it happened.


Kara and Matt said...

oh please come to kugluktuk, please come to kugluktuk!! I would love to seem them! Screw Iqaluit and Rankin! Kugluktuk is the place!

Bonnie said...

Here's a link showing the tour locations and dates!