Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stuck in neutral

So I'm fighting through a wee tough of the ole writer's block right now, as is evident by the fact that I'm doing a terrible Irish accent in a blog post. There's nothing much happening up here right now that I haven't already talked about previously. It's getting warming, the daylight is becoming longer and stuff is starting to melt all over the place.

And I know there was a budget back in Newfoundland, but I find myself oddly ambivalent about it. Nobody seems particularly upset about it, which is pretty much what a pre-election budget is supposed to do. Offer a little something to everybody. The only people who are pissed off are the Opposition, who really have nothing to roast Williams on.

And all is quiet in the private life. Nice, lovely weekend. Walked the dog, played some Wii, did some reading. Terrible sedate stuff. No drama, nothing to write about.

Which, don't get me wrong, is just fine with me. I'd sooner it be all quiet and happy in the homestead and have a touch of writer's block, than drama and something to write about.

Actually, now that I have a bit of the writer's block, I felt oddly compelled to go back and take a bit of a look at the werewolf novel that I started writing last November as part of the novel challenge. I promised myself that I would go back, fix it up and finish it. I don't know what I was hoping to do then...probably throw it off to a few publishers.

But it really is terrible. Several writers recommend going back and editing only after you have several months go by so you can get a fresh perspective. My new perspective is that I need to be shot in the head as it might improve my writing.

I don't know. It's not a bad idea, the werewolf in the arctic angle. It's just the rest is quite...stupid. And I'm not entirely certain how to make it work. Somewhere in storage is a copy of Stephen King's "On Writing". I really want to read that now, because I have the feeling it could help. I might just go and buy another copy when I get home this summer, if things still remain desperate.

I also have a new idea rattling around in my brain that I'm not quite certain what to do with. I have the idea (a time travel story) and the kind of world this story would be in. Which is all well and good, but I have absolutely no idea what characters to place in this world, or what their story would be yet. I've had the idea for a couple of weeks and still nothing has come to me.


I like writing, I really do. But there are times like this, when it feels like I have cotton wool in my brain, that I really wish I was illiterate.


M Butler Hallett said...

I was thinking about your animated mascot earlier this evening.

Clare said...

I feel your pain Townie. I found with the blog especially that after the first year it was harder. Part of it was telling about the same events the second (or third) time around. I worried that what I said was no longer going to interest anyone who still had the fortitude to still read me.

But, work through it, sure enjoy your voice on the blog (although I have to admit I didn't read your werewolf article.

towniebastard said...

I think about him all the time, however if I were to give into temptation I would smash the whole computer since I have a laptop. So it would be somewhat satisfying, but expensive, and that would be before the hospital bills for the popped out eyeballs and all.

And yeah, Claire, I'm reaching that point with Iqaluit. It's been nearly two years up here now. I'm not saying there aren't plenty of new things to discover. I'm sure there are. It's just that a lot of the more obvious things (cold, daylight, # of Newfoundlanders here, etc) have been covered.

Besides, all writers go through this. You keep plugging away until something breaks through.

And you didn't miss much with the werewolf story, to be brutally honest.

Mike said...

Relax TB! Sit back and count the money coming in.

Writers block will lift. It always does.

Let it happen.

Anonymous said...

You could always turn your friends into characters, but others probably wouldn't believe you that we're real;)


towniebastard said...

I thought about doing a novel set at a student newspaper back in the 90s, but then I remembered that Seamus did a book similar to that (unpublished, obviously) back in the day, using thinly veiled Musers as main characters. As I recall, some Musers (ie. OM) very nearly skinned him alive upon reading it.

As I have no desire to be skinned alive, maybe I'll hold off on that one.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me, freaking out over Heff's book - in fact, I don't recall even reading more than a page of it...

But as I recall, the problem wasn't that he used hs friends for inspiration, it's that he did so without mentioning it to them beforehand and then *let them read the book*!! lol.


day-day said...

"well stuck in neutral waz the best book i ever read in my life. i love that book i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much"!!!!!
be cool
peace out
- dazha

day-day said...

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