Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Voting at Coldest Canadian

So, there's about 10 days left in the Coldest Canadian contest and I haven't made a grovelling plea for traffic. For those of you who are going "what the fuck are you going on about?" there is a little link on the sidebar. Go forth and click on it. From there you go to the Coldest Canadian website where you can view some videos of people torturing themselves in an attempt to win plane tickets to New Zealand.

I have no video there, alas. If they do this again next year, I think I might as I have an idea, but with the amount of time left for people to vote, I don't think I could catch up with the votes. However, the blogger/Twitterer/whatnot who drives the most traffic to the site also wins plane tickets. That's kind of what I'm aiming for. I was doing pretty well with it at first...about 45 per cent of outgoing traffic was heading to the site, which was good. But it's dropped down to closer to 30 per cent right now. So it's time to change that.

To help you with your voting, I'm giving direct links to all the northern entries so far. And by northern I do not mean, you know, Calgary. Yes, it gets cold there, down to -30C sometimes. However, three days later it coule be 20C. So you're not exactly into long-term suffering there.

I could make an argument that it's not really cold if you have trees, but anyway.

So here are links to videos North of 60:

1. An Arctic Trip to the Beach - Nunavut
2. Very Cold in the Middle of Nowhere - Nunavut
3. North of 60 - Northwest Territories
4. Throwing hot water into the air at -40C - Northwest Territories
5. We love winter - Yukon
6. The Yukoner goes snorkelling - Yukon

If you live in the north and I missed one, point it out to me and I'l add it to the list. In the meantime, go vote and, just as importantly, make sure you use my blog and links to go to those videos...

Last Five
1. Wings - Josh Ritter*
2. Things have changed - Bob Dylan
3. Sisters of mercy (live) - Leonard Cohen
4. Diamonds on my windshield - Tom Waits
5. Gone to hell - Sean Panting

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smitten kitten said...

I've been following your blog on my quest to find out more about what I am getting myself into by moving to the north. ( And linking to coldest Canadian site along the way)

Best Of luck,