Friday, February 11, 2011

Renewals and curling

1. So the good news out of Newfoundland today was the Republic of Doyle being renewed for a third season. Not really much of a surprise as the show is averaging around one million people per week (I'd love to know what percentage of those of those are Newfoundlanders or are of Newfoundland origin), plus it's also up against American Idol. And while that show is a shadow of its former self, it still draws big enough ratings.

So that gives them another season to work on the show and keep working on those many quirks I mentioned. And let us not underestimate how much money it brings into the St. John's economy. So good news all the way around.

Tied up in that announcement was also the renewal of a bunch of other CBC shows. Most are not exactly a surprise, but I remain baffled that there is an audience for the Ron James Show, which is pretty unfunny. And I'm downright mystified why Insecurity got picked up for another season. The commercials are so awful that I actually flip away from the CBC when they come on. That follows an attempt to watch the show which lasted about three minutes, just to see if it was awful or if the commercials were doing a poor job of communicating the show. If anything, the commercials were funnier than the actual show.

2. I haven't talked much about curling recently (and there was much rejoicing) because it hasn't been a great season for me. I won't go into details, it just hasn't been as much fun as I would have hoped. I think I'll have to make a few more changes for next season.

In the meantime, I guess I can just a good curling bitch fight while waiting for the Scot and Brier to start. In one corner, Randy Ferbey, who has won just about every piece of curling hardware you can think of. And, if one is being completely honest, more than a little bit of a dick. Curling is one of those pretty tight knit and gossipy communities. I've been to a few events down south. "Dick" is one of the kinder words I've heard use to describe him.

In the other corner, we have Brad Gushue. Perhaps unsurprisingly, dick and it's many variants have also been used over the years to describe him over the years. So the two of them curling on the same team this season at different cash events was a match made in bizarro-land. I think everyone pretty much had the egg timer going on them to see how long it would take to crash and burn.

If you had the first week of February, collect your money. An epic slap fight has broken out between Ferbey and Gushue's rink, with one dick (Ferbey) saying his former teammates were quitters and control freaks, with the other dick (Gushue and his teammate Ryan Fry) was using words like "old" and "immature". Ferbey responded with the maturity one might expect, calling Fry a "puke".

It's entertaining, if nothing else. It's almost a pity that Ferbey is getting smoked in the Alberta playdowns for the Brier. It would have been hilarious if Ferbey and Gushue had met there. We might have seen our first actual brawl at a Brier game. In the meantime, enjoy the bitching and moaning.

As a Newfoundlander I feel compelled to cheer for Gushue when he's at the Brier. There are times I just wish the province could be represented by another elite team that wasn't quite so, you know, dickish.

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Dups said...

Hey Craig, just noticed that you can get Season 1 and part of Season two of Doyle on Netflix. Seems like CBC is giving Netflix Doyle pretty much close to when the episodes are done airing :)

Steph said...

I've been overusing 'douchebag' lately. I'm going to have to incorporate 'puke' into my nouns.

Wm. Murphy said...

It is my understanding that the numbers do not even reflect Atlantic Canada viewers. They are from select centres, west of NS, that have viewer tracking capabilities.

While there is undoubtedly ex-pat Nler's watching ROD,it is obviously resonating beyond the overpass.

This is great news for the local economy