Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Helping New Zealand

Yes, I'm linking to a contest about Coldest Canadians and trying to win a trip to New Zealand, but obviously I'm thinking about the people in that country dealing with the earthquake. I wasn't sure what else I could really say other than I'm obviously hoping that there are not too many more deaths and that the country is able to bounce back as quickly as possible. But while reading Neil Gaiman's blog (his wife, Amanda Palmer, is touring in New Zealand right now) he made the obvious suggestion. So go and visit the New Zealand Red Cross page and donate. You might have to be a bit patient as the page is running a little slow.

I hope that means there are lots of people donating and trying to help. If you've been voting in the Coldest Canadian contest then I hope you also take a minute to donate some money to the Red Cross to help out the people in that fantastic country.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support - as I sit here watching the tragedy play out on TV I am in disbelief that it is only a few hours drive up the road and that there are inevitably going to be people we know and care about deeply effected by the terrible quake.
It is wonderful to know that the rest of the world is behind our small country - we will need all the support we can get in the coming weeks and months, so thanks for spreading the word.
x Lizz (Dunedin, NZ)