Monday, February 07, 2011

Coldest Canadian

So funny thing, I have a chance to go to New Zealand.

Yeah, I should probably back up a bit here.

Every now and then I get people who email me and ask if I'm willing to promote or plug something on the blog. For the most part I don't. It's nothing mean, it's just that I haven't done much in the way of anything commercial on the blog. There are no ads. I never even put up the sponsor links from Chapters which I was thinking about. Also, if I mention something on the blog from someone who emails me, I feel a touch responsible for it. So if I mention a new shipping service and it's no good, well, people can come and yell at me for it.

That might be crazy, but there you.

But then I got an odd email on the weekend from a marketing company with a website - Coldest Canadian - that's being sponsored by Air New Zealand. Basically, do a video arguing why you're the Coldest Canadian and you can win a trip to New Zealand.

Which is grand and all. I'm contemplating putting a video in, if I can find someone to shoot it for me. But there's also another contest - the person who throws the most attention to the site via blogs, twitter, Facebook and whatnot also gets a trip. I'd like to go to New Zealand. For one thing, all the Kiwis I met in Australia back in 2009 stated how much Australia sucked and how New Zealand was much better. You just never asked why they were in Australia. That was awkward.

I remember being in the Whitsundays and having a Kiwi guide grumble that if Whitehaven Beach was one of the ten best beaches in the world, the other nine were in New Zealand. How could I not want to visit a place like that?

So, I know I occasionally ask you lovely folks to do things for me, but what I would like is for you to click on that link. Clicking on it a lot would be lovely. Telling other people they should come and visit my site and click on that link would be spiffy as well.

This is going to be a thing for most of February, so bear with me as I don't normally impose, but hey, no one normally waves a trip to New Zealand at me either. So yes, you will be getting regular reminders to go that site via my blog.

For that matter, I'd love to see some of the videos from Nunavut or the north. The Coldest Canadian clearly should come from somewhere in Yukon, NWT or Nunavut. It cannot come from, you know, Toronto or something. Where they freak out if it snows. That would be wrong. So get your videos in. If you enter, drop a line to this post and I'll direct people from here to your video.

As for the rules, you can go to the site, but this is also want they sent me.


It takes three simple steps!

1.            Make a video demonstrating why you believe you are the “coldest” Canadian. It can be funny, surprising, cute, silly, simply jaw-dropping — even metaphorical. High-quality production is not necessary to win. Videos must not exceed 10 minutes in length.

2.            Upload your video to The Coldest Canadian Contest website as early as possible. Click the blue “Upload Video” button on the home page and follow the onscreen directions. Please note: while we encourage creativity and even a little edginess (heck, we’ve been known to push the envelope ourselves), there is a fine, but definite, line. Prior to posting, videos will be screened for inappropriate content and uploaded within 24 hours of your submission.

3.            Collect as many votes, comments and likes as possible by promoting your video like mad. Get your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours — even your hairstylist — to vote for your video once per day from January 26, 2011 through February 26, 2011. Voters will be entered into a weekly draw for fabulous prizes.

Grand Prize

The winner of The Coldest Canadian Contest will receive:
•             Return economy class airfares for winner and guest from Vancouver to Auckland, New Zealand (valid for up to one year from draw date);
•             transportation to and from airport;
•             activities and tours including sailing in Bay of Islands, Taste of Waiheke Tour, Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb and a Ninety Mile Beach Tour; and
•             3 nights accommodation in a Run of House room at The Copthorne Hotel Auckland HarbourCity and 3 nights accommodation in a Standard Garden View room at The Copthorne Hotel and Resort Bay of Island

Good luck!  And may the coldest person (and coolest blogger) win! ;)

I'd very much like to be the coolest blogger. So help me out. And if I get to New Zealand I will buy you a souvenir. Promise.

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Clare said...

A friend sent me the link the other day and I contemplated putting up a video. I just don't think I have another vote for me contest in me. Never knew about the other half of the contest but hope you have a good shot at it.

Of course if I did put a video and won, the prize is airfare from Vancouver to New Zealand. And it would cost me 10K to get to Vancouver to claim the prize. Why doesn't anyone sponsor one of these contests where the prize is from flights from Arctic Bay to Ottawa. Now THAT would be a prize.

Aida said...

I am with Clare...its quite silly they are sponsoring the fare from YVR..come on, that is like the warmest place in canada per se.. I think it will sooo rock if they sponsor it from where the winner resides..

i won a trip to Australia many years ago and never got to you, i am intrigued with all the hype the kiwis in OZ told me about their motherland.

Megan said...

Make the link easier to find: put it right at the top of your post. And link it every day when the contest is going.

Anonymous said...

economy to New Zealand is a questionable prize

Anonymous said...

Checkin you out! Good Luck! natasha ;)

Anonymous said...

Please do a video. Save us from the generally mundane videos already posted. I haven't watched them all but from what I have watched, I certainly wonder if the cold has frozen the creative centre of everyone's brains!!

Margaret said...

To anonymous from Feb..10th
Please view the video "ice Cap Buddies " for creative....and a bit of humour...
I'de love to see the dog Kahlua, chase down that dam ostrich lol