Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Of caps and the worst writer in Canada

1. So it seems the prime minister is reconsidering the CRTC's decision to allow the big phone company's to put caps on internet usage. This is not exactly a huge surprise given the massive outrage that's been going on over the last few days as news of the decision got out. This may well be an election year. Good luck to the political party running on the platform that huge telecommunications companies should put a cap on how much music you can listen, YouTube videos you can watch and porn you can download.

We might not be talking about what happened to the Tories in '93, but any party with that platform is going to take a sizeable beating.

The thing that's amused me out of all this is that people are freaking out over the size of the cap being proposed, which I think is around 25 gigs. Which is hysterical. There are people in Nunavut who would beg for 25 gigs. There are those who think the 10 gigs most people in Iqaluit get are pure luxury. So yes, the screaming and moaning about 25 gigs being the end of the world was hilarious, as I'm sure it was to many in Nunavut in recent days.

Having said that, since we switched over to Xplorenet, it's been nice to not to have to worry about caps quite so much. Although I wonder if the caps do come into play down south if it will change how Xplorenet does things, even though we've signed a contract.

I don't see it happening, as I said, or at least at a 25 gig cap. I suspect a compromise of around 100-150 gigs is going to happen. But we shall see.

2. The other thing that caught my eye was this review of Rebecca Eckler's new book. Against all logic and common sense, editors and publishing houses continue to offer Eckler the chance to keep writing and getting paid for it. I've had some unkind words to say about Eckler in the past and regret that they were not more unkind, did not receive wider attention and convince more people that folks who actually pay to read her stuff should be committed to an insane asylum.

Some of the most depressing news I read this year was that this abomination of an advice book was the first of two she has coming out this year. The other is fiction, apparently. And the fact that she's called an international best selling author should be all the proof you need that there is no god. It's not that Eckler is a bad writer, because she is. By every account I've read, she's a bad person.

I would say that the bright side is that if she can get published, surely there is hope for me. But I recall something I read years ago. It might have been from Roger Ebert. It was all the people who would go to the theatre, see a crap movie and go "I should learn to be a director/writer/actor. I can do better than that." But as he said, that's not the goal. Anyone can make crap. The goal should be to go and see Scorsese or Spielberg and try to do better than them.

So pardon me if I try to aim a little higher than Canada's worst writer. I just wish more people could find better writers to read than her. Oblivion is the best place for her. And best punishment.

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Anonymous said...

You know, you really should let your feelings out more. I'm not sure I really caught your drift there. ;)

Without trying to sound snarky at all, what happened to the book you had going? I read (and liked) the excerpt you put up here some time ago.

Steph said...

I borrowed an Eckler book from the library one day (temporary insanity? I don't recall). They never asked for it back. Even libraries hate her.

Canada's worst writer said...

OMG. Like STFU about my writing. I dont see you selling books. You are just jelous of my fame and thinness.

There is ALOT of people who say stuff like this it is hardly original and I havent got time to leave comments on all of them so just fuck off!

I am on my way to New York for the lauch of my new book and SERIOUSLY I DO NOT SSEE YOU WITH A BOOK. Its not like it is hard either. I have five of them now.

jen said...

Hey Hey now, I used to have to deal with 2Gb in Dorset and "survived", but why when you have amazing things like Netflix? If you had Netflix, perhaps 25Gb would seem like chump change. The point is there is no reason for them to cap it that small, same as there is no reason for them to charge me 15 cents per incoming text. Except that they want to beat more money out of me. Sure, sure I can live without the internet or texting, but why? The rest of the world is way ahead of us in terms of cellphone plans and internet usage. We are stuck in the stone age here lol.

Adam Snider said...

The masochist in me almost *wants* to read the book, after reading the terrible review, just to see how awful it really is. I won't do this, of course, but a sick part of me wants to.

(For what it's worth, even if I did read it, I'd borrow it from the library to avoid giving that woman any money.)

Seriously Frivolous said...

Awww hell. Icky Eckler is back?

Maybe she wrote this book, in all its generic dullness, so that she can sue another Hollywood production company for copying her brilliance when they release yet another formulaic rom-com.

Down with Icky! Down with Icky!

Megan said...

Ditto what Seriously Frivolous said.