Sunday, February 20, 2011

The grumps

So yes, I've been quiet here the last few days. The usual "I can't think of anything to write about", but mixed in with a bit of grumpiness for flavour.

Now, I have been known to produce some pretty good writing if I'm pissed off or in a mood. But this was one of these moods that left me in the mood to not do much of anything, let along write. It was more of a sit and stew and snap mood. I don't think I've updated Facebook or Twitter in days either for that matter. So this is a bit odd for me.

I've never been particularly susceptible to Seasonal Affected Disorder, although I know people up here who get hit pretty hard by it. The lack of daylight, the isolation, the cold can get to you. Now, this is my sixth winter up here and I don't think I've been hit as hard as I was the last week. I think the difference this time around is simply I haven't had a vacation in almost a year. I've had a day off here or there, but a couple of weeks off sitting some place warm, or going some place cool for an adventure (Ottawa, while nice and all, is not the ticket). I think I'm just getting a bit burnt out.

So yeah, that came to roost this week. Just a rough week work wise for both Cathy and I, combined with cold and darkness and it being almost two months before we get our vacation, well, let's just say I was grumpy, Cathy was grumpy and neither of us were particularly nice people to be around. Although apparently I was worse.

We're better now. A weekend of doing almost nothing certainly helped. And, when worse comes to worse, retail therapy can get you over the hump. We both have Future Shop and Chapters gift cards we haven't used yet. I think by Tuesday (it's when new books and movies are released) those cards will be pretty well used up.

I think I've also downloaded about 15 new records in the last few days in the hopes of finding some new music. Not the new Radiohead, though. The reviews are not great and the descriptions of the songs make me deeply uninterested.

We've also been plotting out the summer a bit - the U2 show in Toronto, we're looking at doing a bus tour of Costa Rica. Plus we're trying to figure out what vehicle we're going to buy during our sealift. Right now we're looking at a Subaru Forrester or an Outback, with a Kia Sportage or GM Equinox as longshots.

I guess it's the stuff you do when you're in the duldrums, feeling a bit down and have to do something to get over the hump. We'll get over it. I suspect last week was as bad as it gets. It's February. February always sucks up here.

Last Five
1. Girls on crutches - Hawksley Workman
2. This city is a drag - Hawksley Workman
3. Musical key - Cowboy Junkies
4. When I hear my name (live) - The White Stripes
5. Chainsaw Earle (live) - Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellas


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

February is the worst month for me too. This year I resolved to keep myself busy and to get out of the house everyday. It has really helped this year and I am shocked that there is only a week left in the month.

Good luck getting through the rest of your time before your vacation!

Melodie said...

Radiohead: Just go on youtube and have a listen for yourself to see if you want to download it. Some suggest that you listen to it with headphones on. I personally really like this album which a day ago I wasn't feeling it. Radiohead is like that sometimes. lol.

February: This month sucks pretty much anywhere that has winter. Even though in just a month (down here) things start to thaw out a bit...(start to...) it's still after several months of crap. So ya, it's hard to get through. Maybe next year you can try to book a vacation in February to help break the worst month up.

Costa Rica: Sounds fun! Enjoy!

Richard, Margot and Lilibeth said...

Sorry to hear you're having a rough stretch. But lucky you to be going on such a cool trip in a few weeks!

I generally don't post comments, but thought I would chime in about buying Subaru's. I love them and have owned a couple. I have friends and family who have had or still do have them. They handle great and are super in the snow. But...

They break down often. Old models, new models, they all seem to be fragile vehicles and when they go, it's often big things. The other challenge is getting them serviced as many of the issue's seems to need a dealers attention, not just a normal mechanic.

This is just my 2 cents.

Sweet you're bringing up a vehicle. I am sure that will be nice next fall. Mud, Shmud.


Sarah said...

I just got the GMC Terrain and I absolutely love it with all it's bells and whistles. Reasonably priced as well.

smitten kitten said...

I've been lucky to be kept busy with packing and finishing work here in Montreal before our move to Pond Inlet. Fingers cross that I have missed out on the blues this year.

Trace said...

I'd buy a Forester. If you've seen the commercial you'd know that with Subaru, sexy comes standard....LOL