Monday, September 07, 2009

Winter wonderlands

Sooooo...we had a small breakdown here at the Penthouse yesterday when the weather got a bit dirty and lo and behold snow flurries could be seen buzzing past the windows, courtesy of winds clicking in around 100 km/h. Now, it's not unusual to see snow at this time of the year in Nunavut. I've seen it happen in previous years. And it's not like the snow is going to stick or anything at this point. That's still probably not going to happen until October or so. The bay is likely going to remain unfrozen until well into November. Hell, I've seen it remain unfrozen as late as mid-December in recent years.

Still, the little mental breakdown happened. No excuse for it really, but I guess these things happen. I've known summer was over for a week or so now anyway. The weather turned decidedly crisp. I guess I was just hoping that fall might extend a bit longer than 10 days. Ah well.

If nothing else, it seems to have excited the Next Generation of Nunavut bloggers (your uniforms and comm badges are in the mail) who seem very excited by the early snowfall. I guess I might have been when I first came up here, lo those many years ago (four years ago August 24, I think), but some of the thrill of early snow kind of disappeared on me. Guess I'm getting old.

Speaking of being up here many years and old, I shall now link to Clare's blog (I am the master of the segue). Clare has the slightly mad idea of trying to win an online contest to get to Antarctica. You can go here to vote for him. Clare is a good guy and this is a cool idea. I am envious only in that I had wished I had found this site and launched my own campaign first.

Then again, I've grovelled for enough vote on other things in the past year, so I think I've used up my good will in that regard. Besides, I apparently am trying to get out no less than four times in the next year (Curling in November, Christmas back in Newfoundland, Easter in Florida, and a summer vacation in Costa Rica/San Diego), I think trying to squeeze a trip out to Antarctica might be pushing it.

So, if you can, spare a moment and go vote for Clare. He's a good guy, a fellow Nunavut blogging godfather and apparently just mad enough to believe that leaving one frozen land for another is his idea of a vacation.

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2. Public pervert - Interpol
3. Emotional rescue - Rolling Stones
4. Beautiful and natural - Hawksley Workman
5. What's it gonna be - Neil Diamond*


Sarah said...

Oh i'm excited!!! A uniforms and comm badges are in the mail-- :)

I dont' know there's something that's ALWAYS exciting about the first snow of the year for me... be it in September or well October or November!!

Luv the snow... (guess it's a good thing that I live in the Arctic eh?!)...

Tara Muise said...

I'm with you there Sarah...first snow of the season kicks butt. Every year.

I must say though, are all the uniforms going to be that sort of unitard thing that was popular in the early Star Trek years? Or how 'bout the sexy 70s mini-dress that the characters wore. Ya, that's the one I want.

Beam me up...

Anonymous said...

What? Antarctica is frozen? Wait a minute...

And don't think I didn't notice the old reference. Thanks for the shout out Townie. And you've still got good will left enough to grovel for votes, don't forget the Nunies aren't that far away.

Melissa said...

I'm leaving lurker-dom and trying to introduce myself to more northern bloggers. My name is Melissa, I live in Rankin Inlet, and I write a blog called
I have a special affinity for your blog as I am also a Newfoundlander.

towniebastard said...

Sarah and Tara, I think Cathy might have a problem if I start sending women mini-dresses with knee high boots in the mail to other women. Besides, you'll find in a few weeks that they're not all that practical.

Clare, I call them as I see them...;) And after all the high drama with last year's Nunies, I think my days of grovelling for votes is over for now.

Sarah said...

ummm just a question... Clare or Townie...what are the nunies?

bummer about the uniforms...

towniebastard said...

The Nunies are the annual Nunavut Blogging Awards. They normally take place in January. If you're a current or previous Nunavut blogger, then you're eligible to enter. Well, except for Clare, who exempts him from the awards.

There are three categories - Best Blog, Best New Blog and Best Blog Post. The winner is determined by votes. Anybody can vote.

It's just for fun and a bit of bragging rights, although some small prizes are normally offered up as well.